Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Northeast Road Trip

This summer we decided lets throw our tent, cooler, a few clothes and some food in the back of the van and set out on a tour of the northeast of America.  The night before we were heading out we sat down and found a few KOA around the route and made our tentative plans.  Jon and I love the freedom of being able to adjust our trips as we find fun things along the way.  We spent the first few days in the big cities and then spent the last few days hiking around in Boston, Maine, Vermont ad New Hampshire.   The end the trip we slept in an abandoned zoo in the Catskill Mountains of New York.  Yep you read that right - it was quite the experience.
Camping at the abandoned zoo
No running water and a bucket for the bathroom

Jon excited about his unique find

Picking berries to feed the goats

Feeding the goats

Girls not excited to walk around a zoo with no animals

We found a few animals

Working the booth

Our toilet


Building her own fire ring

Yep you just did your business wherever 

The basement - the magical land everyone loves

Brought back some jiffypop 

Used to sleeping in tight spaces - so they slept in the closet


The supers ready to roadtrip

Ready to ride

They got to write their name with a quill pen at Liberty Hall

Seeing Liberty Bell in PA


Philly cheesesteak in Philly

Ben Franklin's tomb

toured the mint in Philly

Where the signed the Declaration of Independence 
(in the background)

Pools - only way to make camping enjoyable with our kids

scooters at campsites are so fun

Grand Central Station in NYC

Hop on Hop off in NYC

Time Square

Empire State Building

9-11 Memorial 

Lady Liberty behind us

NYC tired them all out

Camping in the rain - not as fun as in nice weather

Cooking in the woods


Everything is worth it for ice cream

1 mile down - deadly slippery slopes
3 miles would have been faster and easier

Sasquatch visited us at the park

Picnic at Walmart while we restock

Always energy for a swim

This park let them paint birdhouses and 18 geocaches

Only 1 of them slept here but they all relaxed here

No hike to the top today - gondola ride instead

White Mountains

Thankful for kids who will make the most of any trip

Franconia Notch - Flume Gorge

Never hike the cave - ok do it but make sure to meet up when dad runs one to the bathroom

Another Day Another Ice Cream 

More Ice Cream - this time at the Ben and Jerry's factory

Mini Vermonster at Ben & H