Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a special day in our household as many of our family have served in the military. My dad's uncle Burton served and died fighting in WWII and both our father's served in the military for over 25 years and now Jon. Actually both my brothers and one of Jon's sister married someone whose father served in the military and Jon's sister Jenn is dating someone preparing to be deployed next month. And let's not forget my brother Brad and our many friends we grew up with or have met now as Jon serves.
This year we ending up staying home since Jon had funeral duty on Friday and we got to run children's church on Sunday. So to make the day special I got some fireworks and after an afternoon swim and cookout we had a firework show on a toddler schedule!

Thanks to all who have served and currently serve - we are thankful for all you do!!
Riley's swimming pool debut - Molly was so excited to have a friend in the pool with her.
The idea was a picture going down the slide together - big failure!
Riley letting us know she is not thankful to be in the pool or have her sister constantly invade her space. Molly is just happy to have someone to play with!
Much better - I like to watch Molly from a distance not in my face.
But in the end they ended up both enjoying pool time together.
We kept Riley at a safe distance for the firework show.
Going to see the loot*.
Here dad let me help you with that!
Boom Boom Boom - that is all Molly kept saying over and over even though not one firework exploded they just shot stuff into the air. She did love the show though!
And what holiday would be compete without dessert - ice cream with hot fudge sauce.

*Note - the order of the firework pictures might have been arranged to cause the grannies to panic but Molly never actually lite a firework and the posed picture with the lighter was post show:)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy 8th Anniversary!

I will be the first to say that for some reason remembering our anniversary comes hard for me. If it wasn't for the fact that it was written on our wedding album many times I probably couldn't tell you the exact day. I know I got married in May but that is about it. This year however facebook kindly reminded me starting last week that my anniversary with Jonathan McPherson was coming up (I guess some people have anniversaries with lots of people??) and even told me what day. I was thinking about getting a babysitter and going to dinner with just Jon as a surprise but he doesn't get home at a dependable time and well I didn't. Yesterday he called me and asked me if I knew what today was and I could proudly say YES to which he responded I didn't realize it until this morning I am so sorry. I found out last night that celebrating our anniversary for Jon is important - almost as important for me to have fun parties for birthdays - so we are going to the pool and have a family picnic and pool party!
We have had some memorable and not so memorable anniversaries. Here are some pictures of us in all our wedded bliss!!
Going to Jon's Prom - getting lost for hours and eating McDonald's instead of a nice restaurant. We stayed at the dance long enough for me to use the bathroom and get pictures then went and watched Mrs. Doubtfire.
Dating - the cows came to Waco and we went around and took pictures with a bunch of them. The moo moo oh the places it has gone!
Year 1 in Africa - redo in America going to a minor league baseball game
This is the trip our lives got changed and we started a 3 year journey for you to become a chaplain in the Army.

Year 2 - needed something to bring a smile to our faces after surviving that year!
Year 3- 5 - multiple jobs, school, lost two babies and great friends but no pictures:( This was pre-blogging and post-scrap-booking I know pictures exist just can't find them this morning
Year 6 - you were deployed
Year 7 - getting ready to start the most amazing trip across the US and Canada - I could no longer call you my dream crusher!!
Year 8 - living life in NC with two kids and going to the pool to celebrate 8 years as a family!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


This is the last blog until Friday when I report live from All American Week (and explain what that is:) )
So today we finished using the last of the diapers that we received for Riley. This weekend we had both girls in the same diaper size and now they both have the cloth diaper. I bought a few new diapers for Riley just so that not everything she had was hand me down. Well I decided they wear matching outfits why not diapers so we posed for a few pictures. You can see how close in size they are - if you take away the legs and arms I am pretty sure they would be within 1 lb of each other.

Hey there world!
Aren't we stylish.
The first wear of Riley's 6 diapers - she is already sharing with her sister, how nice.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Call me Chef!

Riley and I have been having some quality time watching Take Home Chef with Curtis Stone on nextflix most nights since she likes to have some one on one time from 10-11 each night. I got inspired to make a gourmet (sorta) meal and when my mom brought her Southern Living magazine I saw Hot Kentucky Brown and decided that would be the dish. I had it the first time in Alaska at The City Diner (which I miss - along with my Diner friends) and recreated it tonight for the family. Afterwards we had homemade strawberry ice cream with homemade cool whip. Not every night will be this nice but I might try at least once a week for awhile:)
Fuzzy picture - mine is on the left and the magazine on the right. We even had fresh steamed green beans (soon to be from our own garden).
Strawberry ice cream with cool whip
Curtis says it is all in the presentation - what do you think??

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Myrtle Beach

Jon had a single soldier retreat this weekend at Myrtle Beach so Molly, Riley and I hitched a ride and went along! We were able to stay in part of most sessions but not the entire time because Molly really wanted to be at the POOL and didn't mind shouting it every now and then. Friday night we got to listen to the MFLC talk about controlling your anger and then had a nice visit on the beach as a family. Molly screamed GO over and over - this made me a tad nervous since the main attraction was the beach and she seemed to hate it. Saturday we got up and listened to part of Jon's talk then went on a walk along the beach. That is when Molly decided she LOVES THE BEACH - fully clothed and me carrying Riley in the sling. She sat in the water, splashed, picked up seashells and then needed to be carried all wet and sandy back to the hotel. One good thing Carrie joined us for our walk. Her husband was also doing a single soldier retreat 4 hotels down from us - which we figured out at the grocery store when we ran into each other Thursday. On our beach walk she helped carry Molly until we had to go to our hotel and she to hers since both our husbands were done teaching and wanted some family time. This is also when I realized my swim suit didn't make it in the luggage. After some lunch and getting 1/2 the family dressed for the beach we headed out to Target to get me suit and then lighting filled the sky right before the bottom dropped out. We passed a place called Wonder Works (which my cousins said was awesome) and decided to go there since the beach was clearly out of the picture. 3 hours later the weather had cleared and we had done some fun things at WW we made it to Target and I got my suit and we went swimming at the ocean and pool. Molly crashed for the night but I think her first word when waking up was POOL. We packed our bags, had breakfast with Jon and headed to the pool. We played for the 2 hours Jon finished up his sessions, got things cleaned and talked with his soldiers. Jon met us and took Riley off my hands so that I could focus fully on Molly for a little while and then we got dressed and headed home. Once home Molly and I went grocery shopping while Jon crashed!
Family photo at the beach (Riley is the blue blob)

Riley and me - this is where Riley spent most of the weekend b/c strollers and sand DO NOT MIX!
Jon and Molly playing chase at the beach
The sea monsters outside of Wonder Works - seriously these fish were a little freaky. I think I could put my fist in their mouth and one tried to eat a duck to get the food.
Molly and I doing a game where you are in the game. I was 3rd highest scorer of the day, Molly was 5th and well Jon didn't even make the top ten. He did some other great things - also he was the first one to do it so we learned from his mistakes.

Alien stomp - this is right after we realized that swimmy diapers and no pool don't mix. They really don't retain much water (or pee). Molly was put in a real diaper and her swim suit taken off. Remember we planned on stopping by Target for me to get a suit and go straight to the ocean which is also why we are in swim cover wear.
When you moved it would make a cool picture on the screen.
Bubbles - we put it over ourselves and Molly would pop it.
Jon and Molly in the Wonder Wall - do you see where they are in the red?
Riley really enjoyed every thing this weekend - so much that she slept through it!
This is what Jon and Riley looked like on my way out the door - I took Molly to make sure they have a few minutes of peace.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Riley's Baby Dedication

This Sunday was baby dedication at our chapel. Riley and 6 other baby's were dedicated this week - 5 boys and 1 other girl named Riley. My parents were able to come down for the weekend and were here to be apart of the dedication service. It turned out it was a good thing to have Granny and BertBurt since Jon had to preach and I was in charge of children's church. After the dedication I ran out of the room to take care of my 30 elementary kids and Jon got up and preached.
Molly, Riley and I took my parents on a strawberry picking trip down the road - we had lots of strawberries this weekend! Granny made angel food cake with a strawberry topping and I made strawberry ice cream. Soon I will be making some jam. Jon did the finishing touches on his sermon and getting things ready for the dedication while we were picking.
Riley all ready to go to church
Each baby had a chaplain pray for them. Riley getting prayed over by Chaplain Long. The Long family watch her when Jon and I have children's church since you can't put babies in the nursery until they are 6 months here. We are so thankful to have a family willing to watch her - we hear sometimes they fight over who gets to hold her:)

The Fabulous Four!
Riley and BertBurt sporting the stripes.
Riley and Granny in deep conversation.
Strawberry ice cream made by yours truly - it reminded me of great times in Alaska with peanut butter ice cream. I think we will be having lots of ice cream this summer!
Molly teaching BertBurt the fine art of picking strawberries - at least 1/2 made it into the basket and the rest went down her shirt.
Molly watching the pro and learning a few tips
Helping fill the basket - Molly took one side of the row and Granny took the other.
We forgot to get photos before the service - could have been since Jon left to get rid of the duty phone since he was the on call chaplain this weekend and we both had responsibilities for church but either way at least we got a photo with Molly in her Sunday best.
Everyone's favorite spot - OUTSIDE!!
Riley's first time in her bumbo!
Taking a rest!
We had her 2 month visit and Riley is in the 90% in height, weight and head. She weighs 11 lb 8oz - I think Molly might be at 22 now:)
I will go with Jon's assessment that Molly will always be older but not necessarily bigger.

I bought some fresh beans to start learning how to prepare them from my garden - Molly and I really enjoyed them!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Aunt Kaitlin, picnic tables and other fun

Jon had Friday off so we decided to make a trip up to Raleigh and check out Marbles Children's museum - it was AWESOME!! Since Aunt Kaitlin lives right around the corner we invited her and Phoenix (Uncle Thomas had to go to school and work) and had a great time playing around and eating at The Remedy Diner (Steve-O was there also - not a big draw for us but random fact that a celebrity was there). The Diner serves vegan and vegetarian meals along with meat. I tried soy chicken - not too bad but I don't think it will be an everyday thing. Molly had a bite of Aunt Kaitlin's and lets just say I don't think she will be a vegetarian either - she did not spit it out but was not making a great face and didn't ask for more.
Saturday Jon made us a picnic table so we can dine in our backyard in style!!!
Sunday was the Dogwood festival and we got some fair food and played around.

On the ship - tried to do the Titanic pose but it wasn't happening with 3 girls and only 1 boy!

This is what Riley looks like now. In most pictures she is in the blue sling on my shoulder but I wanted photo evidence she does exist!!
Phoenix and Molly rolling in the water world at Marbles!

Special Delivery - a Molly topped Pizza.
Special Delivery - a Phoenix topped pizza
nachos - YUMMY!

The great parents we are - Molly ran down the driveway and landed on her head while we were debating the angles to cut the wood. We did stop and comfort her - things take a long time to build when you have a helper and they keep getting booboo's.
Here dad let me show you how to work that
Ice cream at the Dogwood Festival
The free bounces. We love Molly but why pay when they have these free? One day she will know the difference but until then...

Riley - is growing and is a very easy baby- just throw her in the sling and go!! We go to the doctor's Thursday to see what they think.