Thursday, March 31, 2011

Potty Training and SNOT

Molly has shown some interest in potty training so today* is d-day for us. Since Thursday is my stay home and clean day Jon and I decided today would be a good day to start. We will see how committed I am if there is an accident on my newly cleaned floors. Molly and I had a pep talk and then she got her Dora underwear and put it on all by herself. I think she is more excited about Dora than the whole bathroom thing but lets hope she motivates her.

Riley has had some snot the past few days and decided at midnight she didn't want to sleep in her bed anymore and at 2am she and I went to the couch for the rest of the night. Laying on my stomach helped her be able to breath better and I am sure she was glad b/c that meant I fell asleep and the sucker no longer entered her nose ripping out her snot. When she cries from the sucker she literally says whaaa which cracks me up but I don't think Jon was too happy about it from 12- 2am. Let's hope we are almost done with this snot attack!!
Molly with her new Dora underwear
Riley on the sick bed with nurse Molly about to aggravate her right before mommy comes to suck the snot and make her really mad!

*That was short lived - while nursing - Molly used the kitchen as her personal bathroom. Back to diapers I am not ready to be as persistent about her using the bathroom and I can't handle cleaning up pee all the time. My goal is to have her potty trained by 3 so we have 11 more months to get this down.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Monday

Today was a dreary Monday - it was rainy and cold and both girls decided 6:30am was a great time to start the day. By about 9:30 I was at my wits end being in the house trying to keep Molly entertained and out of Riley's face while doing some random housework like laundry and cleaning. So at 10:30 we loaded up the car and headed out to story time at the library where Molly was the most excited I have ever seen her. She laughed and danced and ran around the room the entire 30 minutes. Seeing her happy and leaving Riley alone I knew we couldn't go back home just yet so we ventured to Monkey Joe's (a bounce house). The last 2 times we have gone to a bounce house for parties when Molly was one she cried and screamed but I figured at the most I am only out $5 so what the heck. Well today she LOVED IT!!! We were there for over 2 hours and Jon got to join us after he finished up some work on his day off. When it was just me and the girls I moved Riley about in her car seat - it was much easier with Jon there let me tell you!!! Well Monkey Joe's did its trick because Molly slept for 3 hours after we left.
After dinner we had to get some energy out of Molly and the weather had cleared up so Jon and Molly played some croquet. I think we finally have someone in our family who can beat Lisa Sealey and Molly is coming to get you!!!

Molly in the mini monkey area - this got her warmed up to the whole jumping around!
Molly coming out of Davey Jones' locker:)
What a kid looks like after 2 hours of running around non-stop and jumping, laughing and falling
The next master croquet player!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sisters - same genes, different results!

So this week we took Molly for her 2 year check up and Riley for her 2 week. I bet you will never guess who is in the 90% and who is in the 2% for weight at their age. The girls both checked out well and it looks like we will have one petite and one healthy girl in this family. We have had some fun adjustments this week as Jon is back at work and Granny is gone but so far we have made it out of the house for one outing each day. We have gone to some story times and PWOC (bible study for military wives). My bible study threw Riley an impromptu baby shower which she loved so much she slept through it - but I loved the food and gifts! Riley got her first bath in a tub today and Molly really enjoyed helping wash her.
Both girls all clean
This is Molly in her first bath.
Riley getting ready for her first bath. Both girl seem to care less about the bath but getting out is a rude awakening!
Molly listening at story time.
On post they have a craft that relates to the book. It was about butterflies and insects so Molly is decorating her sticky ladybug with glitter.

Her first time using scissors - I would say a success but I won't be giving her a pair any time soon to run around the house with.
The finished lady bug. Afterward we went to the park that is right outside the library doors and then to Chick-fil-a for a little bit more play so she would take a nap!!
So much for the nap though I found her out of her bed having a tea party with her cups and the only liquid available at her level - toilet water. I guess I will be shutting the bathroom doors from now on!!

Riley continues to be an easy baby who loves to eat, poop and sleep. She has a few awake hours each day and goes on a feeding frenzy from 7-11 but then sleeps for 6-7 hours.

A book Jon and I got this week we recommend even if we have only read one chapter so far - The Strong Willed Child by Dr. James Dobson. We never new the power of Molly's will until she did not have our undivided attention and lets be honest complete spoiling!!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The past few days

We have been just hanging out having fun these past few days. Aunt Kaitlin came down for a photo session of Riley and hung out for the night. Molly and Granny have been doing lots of yard work and playing. Jon has been enjoying time off from work and time on with 4 women in the house. I have been enjoying napping, playing with both girls, talking with my mom and seeing Jon for more than an hour a day.

Riley and her rolls:)
Daddy holding a clean Riley!! After a week the new baby smell was starting to wear off so she got a good sponge bath since her belly button is still a booboo as Molly calls it.
Riley and I hanging out at the park.
Molly and Granny at the park - Molly will now go down most any slide!!
Running up to try and catch daddy on the way to the swings. It was a beautiful day and the temperature went up 8 degrees the one hour we were at the park.
Molly helping Granny rake - don't worry though she was still able to make a call on her cell phone while helping. Molly had to take many breaks to sit on the top step and talk on the phone. Her favorite people to pretend she is talking to are BertBurt and PaPa (her new name for her Grandad McPherson). She rotates between the two of them but if you ask she will let you know which one is on the phone:)
Granny and Molly looking at all their hard work. Too bad that night there was a rain /wind storm and more pine cones fell giving them more work for the next day.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

The grandparents and Riley's first outing!

This weekend the McPherson's were able to drive down to meet Riley and bring Molly her birthday present (a train/lego table). Molly and Riley have loved having all 4 grandparents in their lives these past few days and I know will go into mourning but luckily we still have another week with Granny to help us out!!! On Sunday we went on our first outing as a family of 4 - to the Morkens!! Molly saw her favorite people in the world - Will and Spencer - and Riley got to meet the Sieg's some of our friends from AK. We had brunch and just played around with 4 kids and 3 grandparents around there was plenty of love to go around.
Molly loving on her sister - she likes to "hold" Riley for about 2.3 seconds
Molly and Grandmommy playing at her new table. Her other grandparents got her a sand/water table so we are now ready indoors and out for some hands on learning.
This is what Riley did most of the visit with the Morkens - snuggle from one person to the next.
Playing in the playroom!
Playing outside - definitely had to have a bath to get the sand out of the hair today!
Molly eating at the kid table with Will. Her first time to sit at a kid table by herself with no help.

Having 2 is a lot of fun so far and doesn't seem that bad but I do have Jon and my mom around along with having had BertBurt, Grandaddy and Grandmommy visit these past few days. I guess when I actually have to do laundry, cook, entertain Molly, do the mundane everyday tasks of life AND take care of Riley it might seem harder. But right now all I do is occasionally feed Riley the other things are magically taken care of (or maybe Granny takes care of a bunch who knows?).

Tomorrow we go for out "48" hour follow up to see how the little lady is doing - oh boy for setting an alarm and trying to get somewhere on time.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Introducing Riley Jean

Riley Jean McPherson was born March 8 at 15:38. She is a happy go lucky "little" lady who loves to sleep, eat and go to the bathroom. Riley's sugars crashed like Molly's did but here they rushed Riley to the NICU and kept her there until 2am monitoring her. Jon spent a lot of time in there with her while I recovered from the drugs they ended up giving me which knocked me out. My parents brought Molly by and we all celebrated with me getting my peanut butter milkshake!!! We got to stay 48 hours for sugar monitoring and some potential jaundice issues - I was in tears by hour 46 wanting to go home since it was really going on 60 being stuck in the hospital. So after entering the hospital Monday night we finally got to bring Riley home Thursday night to a home cooked meal, a happy big sister and my own bed and shower!!!!
Riley right before going to the NICU

Jon introducing the sisters
We are going home!!! Riley got to come home in an outfit great-grandma Rumbaugh picked out for her just like Molly did. We couldn't bring them home in the same outfit which was the original plan because of the the temperature difference (it is not quite as cold here as it was in AK).
Molly loving on her sister - Riley is pretty chill and can ignore most of the loving her sister lavishes on her.
Relaxing in the house
Molly with her baby doll - she is a busy being a new mommy also. Her recovery is much faster than mine since she is already shopping, talking on the phone and carrying her baby around.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Last Project

Earlier this week my neighbors asked if I would like their daughters old rocking chair. I figured why not I am sure I can do something with it. After watching 30 minutes on YouTube about how to reupholster I headed to JoAnn's knowing I would not be doing exactly what they suggested but figured I could figure something out. My friend Tina suggested we use a dark denim so Molly and I bought up the last of a roll of denim (not quite the 2 yards YouTube suggested) knowing I could make it work somehow:) Once I got it home I realized I should have listened and gotten the 2 yards but it was to late then so I thought my mom would be able to help me. She helped me figure out how to get it to fit the chair but the getting it on was another issue. Today Jon got home and I let him help me finish out the project that was all in my head. With the help of 4 people Molly now has her own rocking chair - which is a good thing since her tv chair is going to be Riley's rocking chair soon.
The free chair from our neighbor - so much potential!!! But really I couldn't let Molly have this chair in our living room - it was pink, had writing on it and a few stains which just isn't cute.
Riley and I working on the backside
Jon putting the rockers back on the bottom
Molly and her dad relaxing in their own rocking chairs. Soon Riley and I will be lounging on the couch while they hang out in their chairs!!!!

Check back soon to see when we become a family of 4 living breathing non-sleeping people!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Last hospital visit before I-Day!!

Today Molly and I went for our final hospital visit before my induction Monday (barring me going into natural labor before then). We have been going twice a week for over a month for non-stress tests where I get strapped down to a bed and they monitor Riley for at least 20 minutes (sometimes 45/50) and Molly patiently waits playing with books, phones and eating snacks and sometimes not so patiently. After a month you get to know the nurses you are with and today when the nurse looked a Molly and said you want to go with me? Molly walked over to her and started to follow her around. I had stopped strapping her in the stroller b/c she had been staying near me but I was a little shocked at her response. What do you do when you are strapped down and the hopefully trustworthy nurse now has control of your kid? You engage her in conversation so when she picks your kid up you know she won't leave the room!!!
Molly's treat for putting up with countless hours in the hospital the past month was to go to Fascinate-U a childrens museum in town. She played and played and played and then crashed only to get a call from a friend asking if we wanted to meet them at a park so after her nap we met them at the park and she played, came home and played some more outside. She has now taken a bath and put on her Dora pj's (favorite clothing of all time for her) and is on her third pair of shoes tonight.
Tomorrow my parents come into town and Molly and I are super excited to have more people in the house!! If everything goes as planned Jon should get home sometime late Sunday night/ early Monday morning from training just in time to get up at 6am Monday to go to the hospital for the birth of Riley! We will keep you updated:)