Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Birthday Molly

Molly had a great birthday and was spoiled by many!! The best birthday present in my opinion was Jon being home - she might now agree since she is still trying to figure out why the strange man whose pictures she stared at and videos she watched all year is not leaving. She has had some fun times with him - eating ice cream and cake but really doesn't want to be around him unless she can see me. We are working on that - the best is when Jon and I hug she screams and then crawls over to me and tries to save me from him (or just show him who gets my hugs and it is not him). So far it has been an easy adjustment having Jon home. We have gone to bed at 7pm the last two nights and I am so thankful that I just received a box of books from my aunt Terry. While Jon and Molly crash I am used to going to bed at 11pm and figure better to be in bed reading than downstairs by myself.
Molly eating her first birthday breakfast!
I attempted to make Monkey Bread which was a flop!! It is supposed to be caramely and gooey not dry with brown sugar crusted everywhere but luckily Jon and Molly aren't picky so they both ate it.
Then Jon got ready to go to work while Molly played on her moose rocker made by Grandaddy McPherson.
Once Jon got home we opened the presents that grandparents, great grandma's, aunts and uncles sent. It snowed over 8 inches yesterday and we decided after presents it was time for sledding!!So we drove over and had a family sled at Dyea. We played there for awhile and then headed home. Jon wasn't so sure about wearing Molly on his back while sledding down the hill but she loved it!! Molly and I have gone a few times and she really likes sledding.

Then we got her ready to eat her birthday cake - she miraculously pulled Jon toward the German chocolate cake while shopping.
Molly got to eat 2 birthday cupcakes while we skyped Jon's parents and mine.

It was a fun day and Molly can't wait for a birthday party with some others but Jon and I decided the first few days were family time only so we have been staying away from others!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Way so happy??

Why do Molly and I both have such silly grins?
Because God (and Army) willing Jon will be home for our next big breakfast!! I was so excited I was awake at 6am and Molly joined me at 7am. Tomorrow I will have to be awake a few hours before that to go to the homecoming ceremony at the gym!!!!!

So what do you do to make time fly when it wants to stand still? You have a slumber party for the girls in chapel. Sat/Sun I had 10 girls and 1 brave friend/mom come over for a slumberfestaramathon!! We mod podged journals, made and ate pizza, played sardines, watched Enchanted, slept, had a group devotional, ate breakfast and walked to church together. Molly thought she was so big. She stayed up until 9:30 b/c she just sat among the girls and I kind of forgot to put her to bed. She was not happy to have to sleep upstairs in her bed while all the other girls got to sleep in the living room. She thought she should get to do everything they - one day she will.All the girls right before the movie!

Breakfast. Molly was up bright and early - she did not want to miss any of the action.
She is her granny's granddaughter. She may be pushing it the wrong way but she walked all around the kitchen with it yesterday while I was picking up a few things. Mom never fear at least one girl in this house has your crazy vacuum need/habit/OCD. At least one grand kid from each of your children has the vacuum gene.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girly Girl or Tomboy?

Molly hasn't decided if she wants to be a girly girl or tomboy - I am hoping for a good mix of both. This week she found the ONE doll we have and carries it around hugging it and then whacking it on anything in sight. I sure hope this isn't how she sees my parenting of her - loving her and then abusing her. But as pictures will soon show she is one tough cookie!!
Here is Molly pushing her doll in her new stroller that Grandmommy and Grandaddy got her. This is her loving moment with the doll before she sees what it is made of.

What is all the red on her face? BLOOD - the kid decided last week's involuntary spontaneous surgery didn't have the full effect she wanted so she busted her lip again in the same spot - this time we got blood all over her face and my shirt again but miraculously nothing on her white onesie! A little juice made the world good again.
Another busted lip?? No just beets for lunch. I figure while she eats anything I might as well try the whole spectrum and she ate them - I however did not partake. I can't steal my baby's food (and who really wants to eat something that looks like that??)

The jury is still out but as of now it is a 50/50 mix of gg/tb.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Molly's walking!!!

Ok more like 2 steps but hey it is a start. She is holding off for her 5k (or 5 step) until Jon gets in but she can take a few two steppers here and there to practice!!

Here is video of her not performing for the camera - she squats and then sits down but you can tell she has leg control by the way she squats - believe me after one day of the 30 day shred by Jillian I know what a squat is and how hard they are to hold - much more difficult than a few measly steps.

Valentine's Day

This weekend Molly and I went to witness some amazing athletics- very close to Olympic style competition. Her military cousin had a wrestling meet so went to watch - Uncle Brian Molly couldn't believe you used to wear those singlets!! Then we went a gymnastics meet where they compete against the equipment not each other - Uncle Brad Molly couldn't believe you would run around and do jumps on the floor.
And of course today is Valentine's day so Molly got dressed up for her first one. We also made a pan of brownies and ate them in honor of Jon knowing that in less than 2 weeks he should be home (I have got to see it to believe it but he keeps trying to get me to be optimistic about it)

Mason was a table person and Olivia got to be the noodle girl. With 10 seconds left she got behind the ref and would count down then hit him with the noodle for him to know time was up. She gave the ref a few good whacks!
Wyatt waiting with the 85lb weight group to wrestle.
Carrie getting ready to do her floor routine - she did a round-off back handspring - I was impressed since I can't even to a cartwheel
Funfetti brownies Molly and I ate (and shared with others)
Happy Valentine's Day

I caught her off guard so this is the only non-cheesy smile
Wait get my good side!!

We have been reading more these past few weeks and now Molly likes to get in her chair and pull up a good book to read. In this picture she is reading Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumb by Dr. Seus - she is so good she can read upside down even!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Soldiers, Savings, Slumber Party & SUPERBOWL!

Another round of soldiers home - one day Jon will be with the flight!!!!
This week Molly and I went through our coupon pages and clipped coupons before our monthly trip to the store. Molly was such a great helper - NOT. I finally gave up and once I finished with a page I would give it to her to play with - at least she was entertained for a little while so I could get the list done. On Friday night Molly and I went to our first mother daughter slumber party. We spent the night with some friends kids so they could get away. We sewed the night away (thanks again Mrs. Frew for the years of training). We made pillowcases, quilts, skirts, dresses, shirts and purses for the three girls American dolls. They just kept saying we are making the American girl clothes in America - this is so cool. Let's remember it was 3 girls in 2,4&5 grade and the machine broke at 9:30pm so most of the things were hand stitched but with my expertize and attention to detail these clothes should last at least 3 weeks:) And last but not least the Superbowl. We went to 2 parties and have realized Molly will never be a cheerleader - she will be on the field getting bloody with the best of them. Read below to find out why.

Molly found a good deal.

Snow ice cream - 1 gallon of FRESH snow, 1 cup sugar, 1 tsp vanilla 1-2 cups of milk to taste - mix and eat. I love the internet on a snowy day!!
M & K with Molly - playing dolls while the big kids sewed.
Superbowl party #1 Molly w/ A - we sported our Baylor outfits since we haven't been cheering either team all year.
Molly after the flap in the front of her mouth became unattached - note blood all over my sweatshirt! She was "walking" around the tables and got a little excited and took a dive smashing her face. Her top lip is a little swollen but nothing major - we were told by a pediatric dental nurse just to keep ice on it. Many times people get surgery to have the flap unattached so teeth have room to grow - so lets call is spontaneous self inflicted surgery:) It only effected her for about 2 minutes and then she was back to her happy go lucky self - praise the Lord for a resilient kid.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Molly has WHAT???

She isn't even a year old and has her first official homework assignment - she must find rhythm.
Molly and her phone - old shaker

We signed up for Kindermusik Village. This is a program where Molly and I attend a music class together and I get to sing to Molly with other moms. In her bag we got a cd, egg, scarf, book and our homework assignment for the week. We are to be aware of the steady beat in our environment at home and wherever you go. I will let you know what all she finds this week - hopefully she will find enough to share with her dad.