Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flying, Friends and FUN!!

Molly and I decided the month of Oct would be the FUN month embracing the motto when life gives you lemons made lemonade - aka when the Army takes away Jon we will be travelers visiting friends and family! This past week we visited some of my favorite people and Molly made some new friends. We flew to Oklahoma to see Stephanie, Abby, Olivia and Dave and a drive over to great-grandma Rumbaugh then onto Kansas to see the Lewis family. I know this morning Molly is going through friend withdraw but it was worth it to see everyone!!
On the first of 5 planes for the trip. I guess it is a compliment when getting off the plane people say -wow she wasn't too bad to sit next to. Flight attendants must assume small kids are going to be rough because at least 2 people got free drinks for being our seat buddies.

Molly and Abby - instant friends!!
An explorer with 3 carseats in the backseat - a little tight but we made it work.
Molly loved following Abby around in the fairy wings. They also liked chasing each other around the living room - each thought the other was chasing her as they ran in circles for hours.
Stephanie wisely let me pick the cookie the girls got for a treat and I picked the pumpkin cookie with a ton of orange icing - needless to say we did laundry that night!
Bath fun - Molly's first bath with a friend. Things are always better with a playmate.
Great-Grandma Rumbaugh was just an hour drive from Steph's and she kindly let me borrow her car so we could go for a lunch visit. We had some lunch, played at the park and saw a prairie dog town in Lawton.
Molly with her great-uncle Jim and great-grandma
We then flew to Kansas to see the Lewis family - it took a day before Molly would let anyone but Tina touch her but she finally decided she could let the others be her friend again. We went to Red Barn Farm and hung out with some animals, did a corn maze, ate some kettle corn and picked pumpkins. Molly has really enjoyed fall this year with all her tractor rides and corn mazes!
The 3 feet she walked in the corn maze the rest of the time she needed Tina's touch .
She did have shoes but the kept falling off and since she wouldn't walk it didn't matter if she had them.
Enough of that I need to get back to picking pumpkins with the kids
Molly carving her pumpkin next to Sam.
She can't quite hang with the big kids yet - she and Scout needed a rest.
We had lunch at Fritz's - you place your order on the black phone and then the food comes from a train system above your head. I don't know who thought it was more amazing - Molly or me.
Molly watching the train drive by and deliver someone's food to the lowering tray at their table.

Molly and I had a great October of seeing almost all our family, many great friends and getting to travel a lot. Only a few more days until Jon comes home and we start having adventures with him again.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


The month of October has been one big family reunion for Molly and I. We have traveled to TN, MD and VA to see all her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and a few other family members. We started out with a trip to Gatlinburg where we got to stay in an amazing cabin with my whole family and we got together with my uncle's family for dinners. We had 16 in our cabin and it was so much fun!! Then we drove up and visited my friend Dory for AK who now lives in VA and hung out with her family and dog Zeus the world's biggest gentle giant of a dog. Molly and I made a pit stop in MD and then headed to the McPherson's where we celebrated the upcoming birth of Molly's cousin Baby Roten (aka they don't know what they are having yet).
Molly and Taylor sharing the best way to make a mess while eating spagetti.
The girl kid table - we didn't have one of those when I was little since I was the only girl (I am a little jealous)
Granny, BertBurt and the 8 grandkids at Parrot Mountain
Grandmommy, Grandaddy and Aunt Jenn at Cox Farm - If you live in VA you should go there 20 acres of slides, corn mazes, animals and FREE apples and cold apple cider while there. You can pay $2 for warm cider but why??
Molly feeding the goat with Aunt Jenn
Apple break - Molly ate almost the entire thing even the seeds.
One of the many slides we went down that day - it was awesome!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Potty Time

We are not in serious potty training mode but Molly has shown a little interest so I bought her a seat goes on the big toilet. The biggest treat for her is getting to touch toilet paper and "wipe" herself. She also loves taking the seat off the toilet and using it as her personal chair in the bathroom when I am not watching. There has been no real action while sitting on it but there is no real loss, I figure once she has doubled her life she will for sure know how to use the bathroom. Also the benefit of a diaper while traveling - I don't have to stop when she needs to go so it is totally worth delaying serious training!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Molly is a GIRL!

I know we found this out 2 years ago in an ultrasound but Molly is making it clear to us everyday how much of a girl she is. She has started to show an opinion in what she wears, throws and occasional tantrum, has her daddy wrapped around her finger and of course loves to apply chapstick.
The outfit she chose today with her white shoes but at least they are a matching pair.
Sunday once we got home I took off her Sunday shoes which she had no choice in what she wore and she had these on in a matter of minutes. At least later in life if she can't dance we have proof she has two left feet??
Daddy couldn't handle her tears after her nap Sunday so he took her on a bike ride.
Do you think she liked it?
A new nightly routine - once daddy gets home she plays in the truck for about an hour. Driving, climbing in the seats and her favorite the playpen (aka bed of the truck)
Watch out world crazy driver.
OK I'm done.