Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pictures will have to do the talking

They love each other

So glad the little boys across the street will play with us

The chair seems a little big

Man those too are big - oh wait its an illusion

Movie night at friends

My pedicure for the upcoming ball

At the mall that we looked out of place at
Tiffanys, Louis Vitton, Chanel and other high class brands

Attack Daddy!!! He has the milkshake

Sunday night dates to Awana -thanksgiving hat night

Monday, November 18, 2013

Torii Chapel - Beach Service & Women's Retreat

Our Chapel has been having lots of fun using the great location we have been stationed on.  A beach service in Nov is perfect because it isn't too hot finally but be warned you can still get burned.  We had an awesome service with a beach baptism and then a burger bash to follow. 
This past weekend I got to be part of a team that threw a women's retreat for the ladies of the chapel.  Fun things about planning events on an island - shopping at 100 yen stores instead of target, mail not coming when it is planned (our curriculum arrived at 2pm the day of the retreat not weeks in advance), lots of sand and shells for free to decorate with and of course a beach resort that is only an hour away! 
The ladies got to - play I have never, go on a glass bottom boat tour, get pedicures, make paper airplanes, worship together and dig into the Word of God.  It was a great time and I am so thankful to the many friends who gave us some tips on throwing a weekend to remember for all the ladies. 
Flip Flop Fashion shows at 11:30pm with women can be quiet entertaining!!
Worshipping at the beach as a chapel

Can't really beat the view

Working on our burn - got to watch a friend while her mommy lead worship

Little pink

Women's retreat

Beach photo - post group shot


Getting ready for the boat tour

Almost fell in the water to get this shot.
I may not speak Japanese but I am sure the men were laughing at me that moment as they giggled and talked to each other

Digging into the word.
Seeing and Savoring Jesus by John Piper

Pedicure time

One lady was willing to massage everyone's legs one night

Flip Flop Fashion show
Mine are the plain white with just a little blue line

Ch Temkin addressing the ladies Fri night

Decoctions with flip flops leading the way to the table

100 yen store finds!! Notebooks we could put our own pictures in.
So thankful for our theme - Flip Flops, Faith and Friends

Had a friend decorate for us

Making paper airplanes

They are all different b/c we all see Jesus differently.