Monday, May 29, 2017

Spring Break - Jucy camping in the southwest

Our epic Spring Break trip this year we rented a JUCY camper and hit the road touring the southwest.  We started and ended the trip visiting with friends that live in Las Vegas.  I had packed a little too much and they let us store some stuff at their house while we drove around.  The plan was for us all to go to the Grand Canyon but they had a round of the stomach flu running through the family so they postponed their trip.  Once we started the driving part of the trip we took our first detour at the Hoover Dam.  After that we hit the road and camped outside the Grand Canyon in Williams.  The next morning we got up and made it to the Grand Canyon - it was amazing.  We were able to get a campsite at the park and were excited to get to camp in the park.  We hiked along the rim for 5 miles and then split to let Jon hike into the canyon.  There was only one minor problem with our plan - I took our van keys instead of the camper van keys so the girls and I hung out all over the park and our campsite but couldn't get into the camper to get our supplies.  So glad they had restaurants in the park!
The next morning we drove out and looked around the north rim of the park and drove in the painted dessert.  We stopped in Page and went to Antelope Canyon.  Our tour guide was Sitting Buffalo - he spoke 7 languages and was an amazing guide. The canyon was breath taking.
We made the decision to skip Bryce Canyon and head straight to Zion National Park.  Jon was very glad for this because it was amazing and we spent 2 days hiking there.  We could have easily spent a few more days there but it was the opening of camping season and it was a holiday weekend and well we don't like to plan on trips like these and the campsites only had places for us to stay one night.   Our second day at Zion we woke up really early and hit the trail for a 6 mile hike up to Angel's landing.  The girls and I waited 1/2 mile from the end because that is where it got dangerous.  To end the day we hit another trail for an additional 4 miles.  The girls were troopers and did great but were glad not to have to hike 8 miles a day at the end of the trip.
I made the decision to stop by the strip in Vegas for the girls because I knew the M&M store was there.  They loved getting to pick out m&m's, watch the movie and see all of Vegas but maybe not the 4 miles of walking without shade trees.
Getting excited for our trip

Dry erase board and marker - hours of fun

We even practiced spelling and sentence writing on the board

Our home away from home for the week!
JUCY camper

Hanging out with the VanHecke's!

Hoover Dam and Pat Tillman Bridge

state line

Got their big item - the local purse

Cooking in the camper

Making memories

Coffee, Hot chocolate and fire - best way to start the day

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon

Jon pointing to where he is going to hike later in the day

My hammock buddy

When random people start walking up to your campsite while you are in the hammock you get out and see what they are pointing at.  Hello large animals behind us!

They loved their bed

Chillin and enjoying the beautiful weather

North Rim area of the Grand Canyon

Antelope Canyon

Molly playing with the camera - guess she should be the photographer she is amazing

Riley took over picture duty for a little bit too

Walking out of the canyon - amazing


Love the views

The stove in our camper

the fridge and pantry in our camper

Hiking in Zion

All hikes sponsored by lots of tic tacs and promises of ice cream!

When we weren't hiking we were looking at the beautiful views

The sink in the camper

Got them up super early so we brushed our teeth after we got to the park

Waiting for Jon to finish up the dangerous park of the hike

Enjoyed our van!

The girls even helped make the meals since the stove was at their level

Quick stop in vegas - tried to convince them this was as good as the real Paris


Saying goodbye to friends and thanks for letting us crash at your house!