Sunday, March 29, 2009

Volcano's, Tea's and Mollly is somewhat mobile

Mt. Redoubt erupted again - we are averaging once a day for the last week. The difference this time was last night we got our first ash fall at the base. I was out with some friends watching Mall Cop at the base theater and when we came out this is how the car looked - that is not snow.
Side note- at military theaters they play the national anthem instead of the dancing popcorn telling you to be quiet and buy food - it was pretty amazing it started and everyone in the theater stood up during the playing of it.

This is Molly after her first Chaplain Wives Tea. Every month we all get together just to hangout and do fun things. The title "tea" is a bit deceiving - we have gone to a pottery place and painted, played games and this month made smoothies.
Molly on her tummy
Oh wait - Molly on her back.
How did that happen?? Well Molly either hates being on her tummy, can't keep her feet still enough to stay on her tummy, or really likes rolling over. Right now she can only roll tummy to back. The first time I thought it was a fluke but she has done it a few times since then. I got it on video but it takes 3 minutes and while I know you all love watching her I don't think anyone would really want to watch her struggle for 3 minutes just to roll over:)

Molly crashed on the couch
Molly crashed in the recliner

Don't worry I don't leave her there too long - just long enough to get a picture. She was so upset that I said she wanted to be only like her dad she had to prove that she was also a Head - hence the ability to sleep anywhere and everywhere for extended periods of time.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Molly wants to be like her daddy

Well it is official Molly is Jon's daughter - she has attempted to run in place before she can hold her head up or really even sit up. We had her down for tummy time and she tried to take off - unfortunately her head weighs a little much so she really just ran in place.
Here is her attempt at yoga while resting from running - she had her legs and head up right before the shot but her legs came down a little to soon.Molly and me taking a Sunday afternoon nap - Granny took this one
Molly's first big booger - we didn't have to use the suction for this one but the one in the other nostril we did. The sucker (nose suction thing) brought tears to her eyes. It also brought tears to my mom's and my eyes because it was a comedy of errors to get the sucker to work without falling apart:)

Jon Update: He made it to his base!

Volcano Update: It erupted (thanks to my sister-in-law for letting me know). So far the ash is not predicted to hit our area but the winds could change and things would be different - I will be watching the news to see if I need to bag up my computer and car. Oh boy!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Molly gets culture

Today the Native Alaskan Culture Center had $1 admission day and since it is normally over $20 a person my mom and I decided to go check it out and give Molly her first culture experience.
Here are Native American's from Oklahoma, Hawaii, New Mexico and Alaska doing a dance together - Molly enjoyed this so much she slept through it.
This was the first performance - if you are confused don't worry so were my mom and I until we read the program. The center highlights all natives not just the the ones from Alaska so we saw Hawaiian dancers - personally I think it is a little cold for a halter top but they had to dress in the correct costume. Molly enjoyed this so much she slept through it.
This guys shirt is made entirely of beads - no fabric at all covering him - CRAZY! He also did not get the memo it was 20 degrees today. Yep - Molly enjoyed this so much she slept through it too:)
Molly is a thumb sucker - which I am glad. That means I don't have to search for a pacifier she can just stick her thumb right in her mouth when upset. The downside is I will have to make sure she stops sucking her thumb by the time she goes to school.

Jon Update: He is one base closer to his but still not there. Luckily this time he is at a base with a friend but I know he would prefer to be at his own base!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

While we are not Irish we could not pass up wearing our new green outfit that our neighbor gave us!

Molly on her way to Bible Study this morning
Her outfit said Kiss Me I'm Irish - Don't worry Jon no crazies came up to her:)

Me and Molly hanging out at the computer

Molly in her second St. Patrick's Day outfit - we had a spit up issue today.
This was say's Mommy's Little Pot of Gold and she is wearing her stylish MaryJane sock/shoes!

Molly did not get to eat anything green today but next year we will go all out with green food!!!

Jon Update: He is still on his way and one day he will be at his final destination. His birthday (and his chaplain assistant/bodyguard) is coming up and if you want to send him a birthday card just write a comment and I will email you his address - just don't want to post it on the blog really.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Funtastic Days

Cameo version of Molly - she was around for the funtastic days but did not participate expect to ride in her car seat from spot to spot
Sarah tubing at Hilberg with my friends - I got to sit at the bottom and cheer them on.
Elk at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center
- we saw the ever dangerous porcupine, muskox, bison, deer, owls, elk, bald eagles and other random animals while driving through the center.
Sarah and I at our helicopter on top of a glacier!!!!Me in the helicopterSarah in the helicopter
Standing next to the glacier - notice our legs are covered in snow up to our knees
An ice cave in the glacier - fun place to climb in if it was not so cold
A view from the helicopter
Another view from the helicopter - notice the blue ice - that is because it is so dense that blue is the only color to reflect from it.

Sarah's last few days have been filled with excitement - tubing, eating and helicopter rides!! We have a few more hours of fun to cram in before she has to leave who knows what we will get into tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Jon is on his way

One of our last family photos - notice Jon and I trying to keep our cool
Last few minutes with Molly
Our goodbye at the motor pool
Last minute instructions

Jon got on a plane yesterday to start the long journey to his final destination - somewhere in Afghanistan. Jon found out today that the Brigade lost their first solider to and IED - last deployment they averaged 1 solider a week so please pray that is not the case again this time. I just got off the phone with Jon!!!! He is in Germany - half way there!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Molly's sled for next year

she almost fits
She will be ready for the snow next year!

Iditarod and other fun times

This week we have done many random things so here are some pictures in random order of what we have done. My friend Sarah came into town and we all went to the Iditarod and we are going to take her to some of the scenic views in town while my mom watches Molly. Only a few more days until Jon leaves so we are making the most of every moment - it is so fun to have friends to hang out with to make it seem like life is normal.

Jon and Molly
Jon getting up close and personal with a moose near our house
Jon and our friend Sarah running into each other while sledding down Dyea. One day soon I will get to go sledding and tubing again but I just need a few more days to recover (so says Dr. Mom)
Wolf fur at Fur Rondy
Sarah and I posing as gold miners
Jon and I with the dogs running the Iditarod behind us- one of our last times to do something together before he leaves.
Molly in a newborn outfit - this is her cousin Taryn's - a little big on her right now though
Snow sculptures downtown
More snow sculptures
Jon sledding down Hilberg - our friend's Vince last day before he deployed. His wish was to go tubing with some friends and then he went on a date with his wife. Once again Ashley got to watch but when they come back I will be joining them.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What a difference a week makes

Two weeks ago we were going out with friends spur of the moment, sledding and tubing down hills and had no major responsibilities.
Last week we had Molly and life has changed (for just a short time until we get everything under control). We have gone out but it takes 30 minutes to get out the door trying to make sure we have everything we need - we learned the lesson always bring more than 1 diaper and something to put her on in a diaper bag the hard way.

Our Week of Firsts:
*Molly's first bath - therefore Jon and I giving our fist bath together
*Molly's first manicure - professionally bitten nails by Jon - I highly recommend his services since there was no blood, crying or scratching of the face after one session
*Jon's first diaper change - and a few hundred since then
*Molly's seeing her Grandma and Grandpa McPherson and Granny Head
*Molly's first, second, third, fourth and fifth skype session to meet all her family all over the world
* Jon and Grandma's first sleepless night with Molly taking shifts waking Ashley only to feed
*Molly's first night to sleep until woken for feeding - Praise the Lord
*Molly's first outing to the mall to get her pictures done
*Jon's first time to be pooped on by Molly during the photo shoot

Here is when Molly pooped all over Jon - not once but twice

Jon and I are enjoying all our time with Molly that we can while he is here - we only have a few more days until he deploys.