Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Birthday

My birthday this year was awesome!!!  To start the week off Jon watched the girls and let me go to a girls game night.  My friends brought a nail polish they thought described me and there were some fun ones.  We played catch phrase and Quelf.  If you have never played Quelf I highly recommend it - but you need a group of friends who are willing to make a fool of themselves and have fun.  I got to scream and spaz out the alphabet, one friend got to sit in the bathroom until rescued, one got to pour ice down her pants and roll the dice, another play the game not using hands and my "favorite" I got to slow dance with a friend (she might have said it was the fastest slow dance of her life but I think she meant the most amazing).  It was a fun night to start the week!
On my birthday day I took the 2 little ones to preschool and had my first mommy daughter date of the month with Molly.  She got to join me and 2 friends at CoCo's and get our nails painted.  She loves the special time and felt like such a grown up hanging out with the ladies!  Once we picked her sisters up we ran to the store because Kelly has been using the toilet and for my birthday I treated her to her first pair of her own panties.  Riley was not a fan of sharing her well earned panties and in the end I let her get a new set also.  So now everyone in the house wears panties - we could be diaper free sometime soon!!!!!!!  Once we completed that monumental trip I ran us to the grocery store because I didn't think Jon would have arranged a cake and got peanut butter ice cream!  When we got home it was nap time so everyone rested and then Jon got home and we went out for sushi for dinner.  The girls and I fought over the sushi rolls while Jon had a beef bowl.  To end the night he took us to our friends house where he had custom ordered a cake (because she is a baker) and I had to let out my secret that I didn't think he would do something like that.  It was an awesome cake and the kids ran around with their friends while the adults played sequence and farkel.  Our friends didn't have power this whole time so we convinced them to stay at our house and took the kids to get them settled while the parents did a few things around their house like take the dogs out and figure out how to save food since they were on 5 hours of no power.  As soon as everyone was down and the parents headed our way the power came back on but they still came over and we played 2 rounds of Settlers of Catan. 
To top the day off Jon bought me a Silhouette - a machine which in theory I should be able to make some pretty cool stuff with:)
What my friends think of me:
All in, Frisky, Sensational
Be Awesome, Watch out, Cute as a button

Lots of touching going on for this card
Slumber Party!

B-day cake - no power so its super fuzzy
(or Jon doesn't take many pictures and I am just glad I have one of the moment!!)

Dinner with the family and Gen Sushi

How could I have doubted him?
We did get to have them the next da

What a birthday treat! 
No more diaper:)

Toes all fancy!!
Thanks Grace ad Abby for making it a great day.

Feeling like a big girl

Since she is having to give up half her stash I let her get some new ones too.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


VBS was not what we planned earlier this year.  The army decided our chapel not longer is allowed to support families and will not allow us to work with children.  That means on Sunday mornings we no longer have a nursery or childrens church and we can not hold our ladies bible study at the chapel and to top it off wouldn't allow us to run VBS this year.  However I have always loved VBS and as soon as I found this out I went asking the Air Force chapel if we could be part of the VBS they were running.  I said I was willing to do anything and got to do crafts - in the past 5 years I have got to hold a lot of different jobs. 
The VBS we did was Gangway to Galilee.  It was about the story of Jesus calling is disciples, walking on water and the salvation story.  Molly loved it, Riley got sick and Kelly enjoyed most of the week. 
Pre VBS Bible on the Ipad

The preschool class

She stayed in class!

had 204 kids register - so fun to see so many kids hear the Gospel


So excited to sing and jump with the big kids

It was tiring for one

Left early with a fever and had friends cover me in crafts

Came downstairs yelling - I pretty I pretty

Crafting at its finest

They loved their class

Going out to game time

Baby C was tired!

The girls artwork

Showing off their SOS signs