Sunday, November 27, 2011


Thanksgiving this year Nene, Papa, Aunt Jenn and Lucky came to visit. We had the big meal with some Army family - the Sieg's and Morken's and everyone enjoyed hanging out, talking and watching come football. Molly and Riley got thoroughly spoiled and loved every minute of it. Jon and I had talked about seeing if they would try indoor skydiving as a joke and threw out the idea and they said YES!! So Black Friday instead of shopping we went to the park, bowling and then watched them fly. We found out the age limit is 3 so I have decided for Molly's 3rd b-day that is what she is going to get to do since she said she wanted to fly. Jon is a little more leery but I think he will see the light:) We also fired up the fire pit and had some smores and heard some funny stories from when Jon and Jenn were growing up - some that his parents heard for the first time. I really hope that Molly and Riley don't do some of the things he and Jenn were joking about around the fire but I guess siblings have to do something to bond them.
Molly eating her marshmallow with Nene and Papa

Riley eying Aunt Jenn's
Riley loves graham crackers!!

Molly acting like a big kid in her chair all by herself - one of the rare moments she was not in someone' lap
Riley demonstrating how to fly in the wind tunnel
The instructors having some fun
Getting ready to fly!! I couldn't figure out the flash so I don't have any good pictures of them flying but they did awesome.

Riley giving Nene some pointers for bowling
Molly loved bowling with her helping hand

The park! It was beautiful weather so we had to spend some time outside
Diet coke bottle and a lap - could life get any better?
Molly pointing out something to her captive audience
Breakfast was fun b/c we all got to talk about the fun we had the day before
Molly sharing Papa and Nene's coffee in her teacup

Friday, November 11, 2011


My parents unloaded our Christmas present today and needed to know where to put the wood. This was my give away that we got the fire pit - so I said just set it up in the backyard and we can have smores tonight!! Some in the house (Jon) have strong feelings about waiting but some others (ME) don't wait very well. My grandaddy Key had a tradition of opening one present on Christmas eve so this year I will be making a fire that night since I got to open this one tonight. Smores were enjoyed by all and now I can have smore parties!! If you live near Fayetteville feel free to stop by because more than likely I will keep the supplies on hand and it won't take much for me to start up the fire!!!
I busted out our special day plate b/c it is in honor of Christmas so we are celebrating Jesus birthday just one month and 14 days early. He is worth celebrating every day so why not!!!!
Fire starter that had a purchase date of 1997 (Jon and I were both in high school then) - some doubted it but it but it actually saved the fire)

McP family around the fire in our new camp chairs and extending marshmallow roasters
Granny and Riley enjoying the view
Riley watching the roasting and now understanding why it is not in her mouth!!
Don't worry I think Molly ate at least 5 marshmallow's b/c she would just go back to the bag and pull one out - she only wanted one in the fire
BertBurt and Granny with the girls
We all pulled out our fun hats for the night and enjoyed some time around the fire!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Jane Wayne Day

5-73 had a Jane Wayne Day for the spouses of soldiers. During the day we got to see some of the things the soldiers do in a "typical" day, see how uncomfortable it is to be in jump gear for hours and hang out with 48 ladies from the unit. They divided us into our troops and then made us get in formation and of course sing cadence while marching. Our poor guide thought we would march in formation with no talking but by the end gave up and he and the soldiers sang cadence while the ladies laughed and talked about what we had just done. Jon and the girls came out to watch a few events but in general hung out in his office since it was a rainy cold day.
My favorite was getting into a humvee that had real guns (powered by air and a computer) and a 360 video screen and my team of 4. A lot of ladies got motion sick since the driving was rough and my team drove off a ditch once and killed us all but since it was a game we got to reset and start over. We in the car thought that was a neat experience but never want to be in a real experience like.
Me in jump gear - way lighter than what soldiers had to have but it was probably a good 30 lbs verses their 100 lbs. I made Jon take off the MOLLE (camo bag between my legs) and just kept on the parachute and reserve for later pictures.
The HHT ladies - our motto was Hellcats since we had to make one up. HHT's real one is Headhunters and 5-73 is Panther Recon. The Army is always so nice and loving don't you think:)
On the static line - let's just say we were highly motivated to get it right so we could go back inside out of the cold rain. Still I have no desire to join the Army or become Airborne especially after this day.
My FRG (family readiness group) leaders - these 2 amazing ladies come up with ways for the ladies in HHT to get together and make connections so that if the soldiers leave we have people in town we know. They spend hours updating rosters and helping ladies through hard times and I am glad I get to be apart of their team.

Getting our helmets we had to wear for an hour.
The gun station were the showed us the guns and let us hold them if we wanted.
This is outside a classroom that has an entire wall video screen and 10 M(somethings) lined up. We had to go through 5 different scenarios shooting the screen. Jon brought Molly and Riley in for a few minutes and Molly has now reminded me a few times that mommy shoot the gun.
Riley greeting me after a long cold march back to the office - so glad I packed my raincoat!!
Meeting Jon after check in - everyone ready for a fun 5 hour adventure:) Jon and the girls snacking away and hanging out in his unkid friendly office and me marching around in the rain!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Newest Addition

With the arrival of a new McP June 2012 we found out we couldn't put 3 car seats in the back of the CRV, so after talking to some older and wiser people and prayer we went van shopping. Since 2012 is fast approaching car lots are trying to get rid of 2011's so after a major discount, a great trade in for the CRV and many hours in a car dealership we are now proud owners of a Swagger Wagon aka Sienna mini-van.
Molly loves the new van because she can push the button to close Riley's door and then go and open her door so I can buckle her in. I hope she, Riley and baby X love it because it will probably be what they end up learning to drive in since we won't be getting another car for a long time.
AND - Jon bought us a smore maker. He needed to spend $7 on an Amazon order to get free shipping and this was our surprise:) It works and is fun but I am still holding out for a fire pit so we can actually toast marshmallows not melt them.
Molly enjoying her treat
Not to be left out Riley got some graham cracker and chocolate.

Just in case you are wondering YES I did just casually announce we are going to be having a new baby in the family - arriving June 2012. With the loss of 2 babies we know God is in control and can't wait to see all that He has in store for us as a family of 5.