Thursday, June 25, 2009

Too Much Helium

I have a few videos of what happens when you have helium balloons at a baby shower. While we were "cleaning up" we decided to get our full use out of the balloons. I have a few more videos but it is taking forever and since I am leaving in a few short hours to go to Denali I need to get to bed so enjoy. Pray for us as I am taking Molly camping and we are going to see Mt McKinley up close and personal!

My friend Dory came over and her sons found my clown wig so I tried it on Molly. She could care less about the silly wig but it sure made for some fun pictures!

If Molly could talk "Why does my mom have a clown wig and why does she think it is soo funny to put it on me. Oh well at least Grandma McP can see now that she doesn't want me to have red curly hair like she said earlier - red is definitely not my color (at least for hair)"
"If I look cute enough she will take this silly thing off right??"

Sunday, June 21, 2009


This year for Father's Day since Jon wasn't around I thought I would take Molly out on an ATV (all terrain vehicle) so she could have some adventure in her life. I know if Jon was around he would have taken her. ATVs only reach speeds of 20 mph and are perfectly safe when operated correctly. Here are some pictures of our day!

Molly before the rideMolly after the ride - boy riding in the woods on an ATV really wore her out!

Posing before we went - she loved it!

Molly in her helmet- safety first!!Doesn't she look right at home on Chaplain Walker's ATV? Maybe we can convince Jon to buy her one when he gets back.

OK - seriously - if you think I took my child ATVing in a Winnie the pooh outfit you are really silly - I would have at least put her in jeans and a sweatshirt. But it is nice to have neighbors who let you borrow there things for great pictures!!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Molly and I got Jon's package off earlier this week and we are pretty sure he is going to love his gift. Mail is a little funny there sometimes he gets things in 5 days other times it takes 30 days but at least he gets the things.
Jon, Molly knows you are a great dad because you let her know you love her, are praying for her and will see her real soon every night. She can't wait until the day you can say it to her face and not have to use the bear with your voice in it to communicate to her. She can't wait to go running with you and play and just have a good old time. She wanted you to see her most recent pictures so she posed nicely for you yesterday! She has at least 3 cowlicks and the hair in the front does not grow down it grows at a sideways angle - thanks dad!

She might be growing out of this one soon - but not yet!

PS - this is what happens when her hair is in a hair tie and bow all day.
We have been told she might be teething so this is Molly with her first teething ring. Not a fan quite yet she would rather just chew on her pacifier, hands or lip.
Who could resist a face like that?
The outfit came with a head thing - it really looked like a 1980's sweat band so it only lasted for a picture or two and 5 minutes of a car ride.

Molly wishing you her own version of love with a little help from our canine friend Dakota.

This is what happens when dads aren't around to control the kids - moms have to taken then down and let them know even if they can wrestle on the high school team - Moms are better.
Tina kept Mason in this hold for awhile - it was pretty funny. He really thought he could take on his mom and win but was sadly mistaken.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

This week we had VBS at chapel. I was in charge of games which for the most part was so much fun. The first three days of the week we had some of the hottest weather ever in Alaska (in the high 70's low 80's) and by Thursday we were lucky if we made out of the 50's. That made for some happy campers during game time! Since Jon isn't around to force us into an early bedtime Molly and I tend to stay out pretty late most nights. The nights are getting longer and longer because darkness never comes. 7 more days until the longest day of the year here - some people around here have midnight bar-b-ques just for the fun. Molly and I will at least get a picture at midnight.

Molly and I at 10pm at the Lewis home. We didn't realize it was that late so we had to get a picture - note darkness is nowhere around and Molly loves it!

This week for VBS I had to wake Molly up every morning. Since we tend to stay out late we normally sleep in - not this week. Molly did take longer naps in the afternoon to counter be forced awake. This was the sight I got most every morning.

Here were some of the kids from game time. This game you had to put on funny shoes and race around the circle. This is the preschool group - word to the wise - preschool can not play the exact same games as elementary you need to adapt it. I figured that out by day 3!

And last but not least - on my way home from VBS Friday I spotted a black bear at our local credit union. See the black dot walking towards the tree/dumpster that is the bear.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

FRG , Pamerperd Chef and Gun Camp

FRG = Family Readiness Group
That is the military term for all the spouses left behind during a deployment - my support group. They are divided into Battalions (groups of 200-500) our FRG is the 4-25th BSTB HHC BN. The military really likes to use lots of acronyms if you haven't figured that out yet. Our FRG does fundraisers to send things to our soldiers deployed (mainly the single soldiers since they don't have wives sending them care packages weekly) sometimes FRG's raise money to throw parties - I think using it for care packages is so much better. Besides raising money we also play softball against other FRG's. We are undefeated 3-0!! We really enjoy ourselves but winning sure is nice since I play on a church team that has only had one win and that was against a team where most members had at least grandchildren if not great-grandchildren - yep we are just that bad!

Will - he was really cheering for the other team since his dad is the Chaplain for the 509th but he was on the BSTB side getting dirt thrown on him by some of our boys. This is sometimes the best part of the games - seeing how much dirt you can walk away with.
The two youngest fundraisers for our FRG .
They had a free carnival today and we did a hamburger/hot dog stand to raise funds - it was pretty successful! I did leave the station for one quick ride on the flying apparatus - sadly Molly did not get to go on this - next year with Jon (or when she is 42inches)

Pampered Chef -
Saturday I went to an interactive pampered chef party - let's just say some of the things are not as easy to use as you would think but at least the mini spatula that I really was eyeing worked great so I got one.
After the pampered chef party I went with Tina to pick up her boys from Gun Camp - only in Alaska. They spent 9 hours at the shooting range for a free day camp shooting M-16, AR 14, powder loading, shotguns, pistols, etc - I don't think I got all the names right but there were a lot of guns and a lot of kids shooting them. It was the first time it made me nervous when Molly slept through things - it was a Mr. Holland's Opus flashback - I thought maybe Molly might be deaf because the automatic gun fire did not wake her up or the big BIG boom when they blew up something to end camp. My insides shook from the explosion but Molly slept through it. I have been testing her out and she does seem to have hearing - just a very hard sleeper.
Our pampered chef meal. Yummy!!
The sign behind Molly says - Alaska Machine Gun Association and yes small children are firing them.
Molly and I next to the arsenal of weapons. I guess I know what it is like for Jon now to be able to drown out constant gun fire. Maybe if we are here when Molly is old enough I will send her - who knows (but really lets hope we have moved on by then)!

Who could resist a picture of her in her mini-converse??

Friday, June 5, 2009

Riot Drill

There was a surprise riot drill on our base tonight. I am not sure if the "riot" was on our base our supposed to be outside our base but we could not leave. Tina and I drove to a few exits to be turned away at all of them and momentarily detained on the Air Force side so we couldn't even get back to our houses to wait it out. We were trying desperately to get off so we could meet our friend Ashley and her friend Katie from out of town for dessert - so we persisted it paid off a few minutes later the soldiers in full body armor moved the vehicles out of the way and let us pass. This is my first riot drill (and hopefully last) I guess I should feel safer not just amazed at the waste of time it seemed to be. I wish I had my camera so you could see what I saw - just imagine 10 soldiers standing around in full body armor, guns ready and big trucks with flashing lights blocking all gates - that was my night!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Suprise Wedding

OK - The wedding was not a surprise but Molly and I coming were for Aunt Jenn. Jon's cousin Bill got married this weekend and Molly and I got to go to Iowa for the wedding thanks to Grandma and Grandpa McP. They wanted to surprise Jenn - boy was it a surprise - their flight got delayed because of weather and so we had to hold off Jenn at her friends house for a little while. Jenn was not pleased to keep her friends who have a small child up but once she saw Molly all was forgiven (the friends knew about the surprise so they were ok with it). Here are some pictures and video of the weekend.
I know this is pathetic but this is the only picture of the bride and groom I have - sorry Lisa and Bill - we were really there for you but Corbin and Molly sure to make for good pictures.
Molly and I on 1 of our 4 plane rides. She enjoyed all but number three were I got to be "that mom" luckily it was only a two hour flight and she only cried hysterically for 1/2 of it.

Now for the fun part - pictures of Molly with her extended family.

5 week old Keller (I think that is how you spell his name) Lisa's nephew, 3 month old Molly and 4 month old Corbin
All weekend long when they were next to each other everyone just said what a difference one month makes!

Aunt Jenn right after the surprise!

Aunt Jenn with Molly at the rehearsal dinner. It was a grill out at Bill's parents (Uncle Will and Aunt Karen). It was such nice weather and the the food was great!!!Corbin and Molly - when he wasn't lifting her dress he was trying to hold her hand. As you can see this really effected her sleep (yeah right). They were so cute together
Two proud grandma's!
The McPherson's celebrated their anniversary the night of the rehearsal so they got a cake with candles. They have been married for over 30 years now (I can't remember how many - sorry). Way to go!
Two proud Aunts - Carol with Corbin and Jenn with Molly
Brother and Sister with their grand kids. They took them on a spin around the dance floor at the reception.
Me with Corbin and Liz (his mom) with Molly. Let's just say there is a little bit of a weight difference here and I am thankful I am getting to build up my muscles to carry Molly as she grows. Corbin had a serious growth spurt so Liz didn't get to gradually grow muscles - she just had to get them fast!
A catnap after the wedding and before the reception - she had to be ready to party all night!

With grandma and grandpa before the wedding.

Nick, Cousins Carol and Ann Marie - they were not ready for this picture but how could I resist!
The moose walking down my sidewalk the day before I left - sorry just had to throw this one in for the fun of it.!

Some videos for your viewing pleasure.