Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Epic Adventures with Granny and BertBurt

While Granny and BertBurt were here we tried to cram in as many adventures as possible.  Some days were big adventures and others were not so big but everyday we loved hanging out and being with family. 
We saw castles, rode roller slides, had parties and even mastered stealing kid forks instead of using chopsticks. 
The girls favorite things:
People who constantly spoiled them
Enough adults so everyone got one on one attention
Getting to go on adventures
My favorite things:
Adult conversation throughout the day!!
Game nights almost every night when kids went to bed with lots of laughing.
The magic cleaning fairy who snuck in their luggage.  Every time I turned around the kitchen was clean and the floors were mopped.  Too bad that fairy seemed to have left with them.
Riley and BertBurt getting their sushi on

The Egg place

Come on - I'll lead the way.

Another adventure with food!
Yakiniku - cook the meat at the table.

Thanksgiving Feast

Cornhole Tournament.
My team made it to the finals (Jon and BertBurt's didn't)

Some kids crashed during the Thanksgiving Party

Sisterly love!

The girls

With Granny and BertBurt

She might have been attached at his hip most of the trip

Jon and I got to go to his unit ball

The ladies!

We survived the ball!!

Celebrated Christmas part 1 with them.

Sushi go round!!
Granny liked the peas and shrimp tempura.

Yep we got her on bull.
She even snuck Molly a few times

Molly got to tour the island with BertBurt

I gave her my phone to take pictures and this was one of the many

BertBurt and Jon doing skits for AWANA.

Another food adventure!

Granny on the roller slide!!!

BertBurt on the roller slide.
Not a great idea right before an international flight - his backside might have been a little sore!!

One last adventure at the indoor play place

BigDip - 3 scoops for the price of one.

Hanging out at the beach

A sad day but I wouldn't trade any minute of their visit!!!

Some people asked to have a slumber party during naptime.
It helped the tears stop as they kept asking for Granny and BertBurt.