Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4th of july, scuba and family fun

Fun times are happening all over this island:)  For the past 2 weeks Molly has participated in swim class and LOVED it.  But that means many of our days were spent at the pool because it takes so much effort to get out the door we packed a picnic lunch and would spend a few hours there.  We got a break for the 4th and went to the aquarium with some friends to celebrate their daughters birthday.  While up in that area we got some Pizza in the Sky and it was just as good the second time.
 Also I started my SCUBA class and it is awesome!!  The first 5 minutes were a little rough - not gonna lie.  If things had not gotten better I probably would have stopped but I finally figured out the breathing and being calm part.  I can now take my mask off, take my regulator out and find it, do an emergency assent and rescue dive (but hoping those last two are never needed).  After a day at the pool we moved to the open water and got to redo all our lessons under the sea.  I saw an octopus, orangutan shrimp (rare sighting so said my instructor), sea snake (not excited about that), and all of nemo's friends and family.  I have now spent 1:58 minutes under water and have 2 more dives until I am certified, then we will get Jon certified and going diving together at least once! 
Other things going on in life:
The girls love playing with each other and must always have a purse.  While doing a clean up this afternoon during nap time I found 20 purses downstairs and that doesn't count those hoarded up in their room:)
We continue to find awesome parks to play at all over down.  This weeks find had a zip line, workout equipment, shallow pool and roller slide.
I found a place that gives 9 scoops of ice cream for 500 yen on the 9,19 and 29 of the month.  So we went and I am glad they had a picture menu! They give you a card and you mark the 9 you want unless you can read a lick of Japanese then they give you a picture menu to choose from.  Green tea and one other were not so great but the rest tasted pretty good.
Molly's friend Ayla is leaving the island and going to NC (to her friends as she says).  So for her birthday we made some busy bags which were a flight lifesaver for us.  Friends gave us ours for the girls birthday and now we got to do the same.

Happy 4th from the McP

McP's and the whale

Sisters love to play dress up with their live baby doll

Exciting days make dinner so hard to stay awake for

9 scoops!!
Note to self - don't get green tea ice cream:(

Enjoying our 9 scoops

BUGS - the locals are running around trying to catch them

First day of SCUBA class!!

Getting a workout while at the park

Busy bags for friends leaving us soon

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Potty Training Fun

Looking through my pictures we came across this video and have had some laughs!!  I didn't realize I caught her accident on video until now.  Enjoy!