Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Haircut and other adventures

As I went the the store to pick up some pt shorts for Jon I saw the Army issued undershirts and thought of a craft project that was recommended for us to do. You put the kids hands on the middle of the shirt so he can wear around something from us. So I bought some shirts for us to try this today. While we were stripped and painting I realized Molly and I needed a little excitement in our life so it was decided today would be the day for our first haircut. With her in her bumbo I trimmed off some in the back - really I just cut off her rat tail.
The inch of hair that was cut off
The nice clean line - a lot less scraggly
This is what happens when your mom tries to do a craft project without enough help. I did the feet one at a time and tried to clean them as a I went but I totally lost the battle with her cute little hand. Man can she move fast - we had black paint on our hand, leg, chest, face and even back. I have no idea how it got there but it did. We went upstairs for a bath right after this and had to change out the water once. The amazing thing about the bumbo was all the paint came out after a little elbow grease.
The finished project - a shirt for Jon to wear. It was supposed to have a cute saying that says: I love you (hands outstretched on both sides) this much and once you left (using the foot) nothing has been right (using the foot). I was just thankful to have something on the shirt to get in the mail and the fact that my daughter didn't get black paint in her eye so we just left it at this.
And last but not least tonight we went the Classic Toys - if you live in Alaska stay away from this store!!! It has so many cute things that you are going to want to buy everything! I got Molly a teething toy that crunches and has tags and she loves it already. Her sunshine brings a smile to her face - which in turn brings one to mine. I love a happy baby.

Nothing special

Molly one day last week
Life has not been as exciting these past few weeks, it seems we crammed all the crazy fun in a few weekends. One funny story though: We had a party that Molly and I went to and her friend Joelle was there. Joelle was doing some funny things and Molly was giggling - it was pretty cute. Well then Joelle fell off the chair and what did Molly do?? She started laughing hysterically. While she comes about it honestly (I do this - ask Jon about the time he was choking and all I did was laugh at him) it makes you feel bad as the mom of the kid who laughs when her friends get hurt. Luckily Joelle bounced right back and they were back to laughing at each other again in no time.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Chaplaincy

"Pro Deo et Patria! -- For God and Country! "

Barely six weeks after the Continental Congress established the Army and the first branch of the Army, the infantry, a second branch was established upon orders by General George Washington, according to Chaplain (Col.) Gary Moore, Fort Stewart's installation chaplain.

The Army Chaplains Corps was established July 29, 1775 and for 234 years, approximately 25,000 Army Chaplains have served more than 25 million Soldiers and Family Members, living up to the motto on its branch insignia, "Pro Deo et Patria," which means, "For God and Country."

"George Washington said, 'We need chaplains,' Washington was concerned about both the morale and morals of the Soldiers and believed the Army should provide paid religious leaders to meet Soldiers' spiritual needs," said Chap. Moore

Qualified and sent by their religious bodies, trained by the U.S. Army, and led by the God that they serve, Army Chaplains are expected to exercise dynamic and influential spiritual leadership, without violating their faith or conscience. Army Chaplains are the 'soul and conscience' of our nation's Army.

Whether leading worship, patrolling the motor pool, or visiting the hospital, Army Chaplains are always at the front line of the Soldiers' life. Additionally, Army Chaplains serve on a Commander's special staff in order to ensure that their spiritual gifts and leadership are integrated in the daily exercise of command decisions.

If you would have told me 5 years ago that I would be in Alaska celebrating the birth of the US Army chaplaincy while my husband was deployed I would have probably laughed in your face. Funny how God works - because today Molly and I went to a birthday party (with no cake I might add) for the chaplaincy. It is amazing to think of all the men and women who have followed what God called them to do and have served in the US Army. While it was a long journey to get us here I am thankful each day for Jon obeying the call he felt. Hard to believe that chaplains have been around since the first military battles in the US (and really the Old Testament - see Deut 20) and we have never sent any soldiers over without some form of religious support.
Thanks chaplains for all you do!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mountain Momma

This weekend in Talkeetna (a small town 100 miles away) they had their annual Moose Dropping Festival. During this festival they drop 3,000 moose droppings (poop) from the sky. Each dropping has a number on it and it is like a raffle. The person with the dropping closest to the bulls eye gets a prize and some other prizes are awarded - I was not there for that part because I was winning the Slippery Salmon Olympics with Valerie at that point. With our Olympic victory under our belts we thought we would give it a shot a being the Mountain Momma! In this competition you have to: put on knee high waiters, strap a 10lb baby doll to your back then carry sacks across a log and rocks, chop a wood into quarters, use a bow and arrow, hammer a nail into a piece of wood, cast a fishing line, wash a diaper and then make a whip cream pie and ring the dinner bell. Valerie and I got there early to make sure we could compete - never fear it was not as popular to compete in as it was to watch so we made it in easy. Here is the pictures and I will give the commentary with them.

Right before I went - Molly and I happy and not too stinky.
Crossing the log with my groceries - not to bad hereWhere I lost the competition - my dad failed to prepare me to be a mountain momma. I can not chop wood to save my life -luckily if you were unable to quarter the wood within 3 minutes you got to move onto the next event. Out of the 11 participants only 3 were able so there are some other dads out there that also failed their daughters. Of the 8 that didn't get it quartered I came in second! Afterward we all decided real Alaskan women would make their husbands chop the wood and we would go shoot the meat so maybe next year they will let us shoot something instead.
Me shooting the bow and arrow - nice form I know - I never actually looked at the target. You just had to get 3 shots off, not hit anything so I didn't waste time aiming. I know that is hard to believe.

Casting my reel. It is a good thing I went salmon fishing the other week or I would not have know how to do this.

Hanging the diaper out to dry after "washing" it or just dunking it in water.
Ringing the dinner bell to call the family in to eat. A very healthy meal of cool whip and a cherry.
This is what Molly thought of the whole thing - she is a little sad that I was unable to win but glad I didn't cut my finger off chopping wood. Valerie, our friend, got a piece of her finger - nothing major but it sure does make a great story. Glad she gets the story and not me though.

What a great weekend and I don't have anything real adventurous for a few more days when I compete in the 3rd race in the combat challenge course where we run with a 35lb pack on our back and will be canoeing, racing and shooting paint guns!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Slippery Salmon and roller coasters

This weekend it is the Bear Paw Festival in Eagle River. There are a ton of fun things to do so of course Molly and I had to go check it out.
I decided to let Molly go on her first roller coaster since they are pretty lenient about the height restrictions at the carnivals around here. This is after the ride - she sure does love adventure!
Molly, Valerie and William. It cost $3 a person to ride so I had Molly ride with them.

And then of course was the Slippery Salmon Olympics. Valerie and entered as the Sockeye Sisters (a type of Salmon) just for fun. We beat 39 other teams and were 1st place. Salmon teeth are very sharp and we both came away with a few cuts but it was totally worth it. You had to open a coke put it in a cup and carry the cup and coke on a tray and the salmon in your hand through an obstacle course and then hand it off to your partner who did the course on the way back to the start/finish. It was a lot of fun and even better since we beat everyone and WON!!Pouring the coke while grabbing my salmon - watch out for those teeth!

Running through the course
Valerie on the way back - note - the salmon and coke in one hand and the cup on the tray.

Valerie and I with our trophy, medals and shirt! I still smell of fish so I am going to jump in the shower and get that nasty smell off.
What Molly thought of my Olympic victoryAnd last but not least - Molly in her bumbo! I just pulled it out this week and she is really loving it. She has started to play with toys and entertain herself.
Doctor update- Molly is in the 25% for height and weight and 75% for head circumference and it a healthy baby girl!

Roller Coaster disclaimer - SHE DID NOT RIDE - this was a posed picture after Valerie and William rode but I see coasters in her near future!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July and promised Denali pictures

Molly and I celebrated our first 4th of July together. We went to a parade, had a picnic, did our own fireworks and didn't see any big fireworks (because there is no darkness here)
Molly had her first big blowout in public - oh boy! Through the diaper and all over the car seat. That was sure fun to clean up! We got her cleaned up in time to see the parade though.
Molly and I getting ready for the parade.
During the parade - look she enjoyed it so much she slept right through it. I guess the blow out took too much out of her.

A reindeer at our 4th of July parade.
Yesterday was a beautiful day here in Alaska and since it was so hot (75 degrees) after chapel our friend invited us out the lake for some food and swimming. Yep people went swimming in the late that just a few months ago I went ice fishing on. Molly and I did not go swimming but maybe later this summer we will.

Here is the proof of me salmon fishing - now I just need to get the picture of the fish that got away.
Here is a slide show of the highlights from Denali


Friday, July 3, 2009


Enjoy the first video of Molly giggling. I was talking to Jon upstairs while our friends (Ashley, Tina and Judith) were entertaining Molly. I am so thankful to have this to look back and watch, it makes me laugh just hearing her!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Camping in Denali

Molly and I headed out last weekend with some friends to go camping in Denali. Our party consisted of Ashley, Judith, Valerie, her 2 year old son William, Molly and myself and two large fire arms. FYI - the average person in Alaska has 7 firearms - that means the McPherson's are 21 guns short to help out the average but never fear I hang out with ladies who more than make up where we are lacking. It is a 4 hour drive from our house to the National Forrest which by the way is 6 million acres (that is bigger than the state of Massachusetts) so it is actually easier to see Mt McKinley driving there than when you actually get to the park. We stopped at a great little town to get breakfast on the way and we stopped again on our drive back and got some great pictures of McKinley while hanging out on a beach in Alaska (I am waiting for pictures from friends on that though). We had an awesome time! We ate, hiked a mountain, ate, sat around the fire, ate and had great conversation. Here is weekend in review by pictures.

Eating in Talkeetna - William enjoyed the bread!!
Arriving at the National Park (group photo to come)
Our campsite - our first night of smores (we had enough for both nights!!)
Me committing many fashion faux paus - socks with sandals and high waters. I just didn't want to put my shoes back on after the 4.5 hour hike up and down a mountain (pictures to come). This weekend I wore Jon's sweatshirt so he could be part of us - a tree got the better of me and I ripped a hole in the sleeve - luckily I have a forgiving husband. After he got over being jealous that he didn't get to go and I ripped a hole in his high school track sweatshirt he wasn't too mad.
kabobs - YUMMY!

Smore's - YUMMY x 4Molly and I in our first tent sleeping together. The first night Molly was a little cold so she slept in her bear outfit, 2 onesies and a few blankets. Much better - no purple fingers and toes that night.
Chilling at our campsite

Our first night before I got smart and pulled out the bear outfit - really chilling at the campsite
We will try not to get this cold again but she does look cute doesn't she!

So happy to be in the warm for a little bit
The drive home - good thing she had the bear to distract her and keep her happy. She is getting more chatty there is cooing coming from her at all times. Now I just have to figure out when she is talking and when he is whining because they are so similar sometimes. We can't wait to take Jon next year when he can carry Molly up the mountain not me. Ok well really Ashley my friend and I switched half way up the mountain and I carried her light pack and she carried Molly up the mountain but next year Jon will do it!