Thursday, January 19, 2017

Celebrating New Years with friends and other fun things

We have really enjoyed getting to hang out with family and friends a lot since we moved back to the states.  So we kept up the trend for New Year's and visited with friends who visiting their family just down the road.  Two years ago we met up with them in Bali and this year in Alabama! 
While the girls had a long break from school we took many day trips and overnight trips instead of one big trip.  We enjoyed getting to explore the area we live in and see all the many great cities around us.  On the yucky days we did lots of crafts indoors and even found an indoor pool to keep us entertained for a few hours. 

Craft fun - making new paintings for the bathroom

really got into her bathroom painting

Smiley kept up with her love of yellow and smiling

The new d├ęcor in the bathroom - very fitting

Ice Skating in Alabama with the Dunn family

Kelly loved having Annie to help her out

They always bring the fun!

We all traveled to Alabama to visit with friends and then met back up at our house for a few last days of fun!
Family game of PIT

High Ho Cherrio

Huntsville Space Center

Pretending to take off with the shuttle

Hotel fun for New Years

Every girl shot a roman candle

Watching the dad's blow stuff up

Still doing the fun game with saran wrap and more saran wrap

Pie in the Face

She created a cell phone - that fits on her head


She gave herself bangs - so we got them trimmed up a little

New Providence pool - lots of fun after being locked up for a few days

Nice weather so lots of kids out!! Love this neighborhood

Compassion Experience - we now have a boy from the Philippines we sponsor


Learning how it helps break the poverty cycle

6 mile hike turned 10 - whoops but they finished it!