Thursday, March 26, 2015

Life with Little people

I enjoy life with my little people most of the time.  These past few weeks have been up and down!  I get together with friends weekly for bible study and we all have kids close in age so we have another friend watch them while we meet.  A few weeks ago we had a less intense study session and did our study followed by a Thai cooking lesson by a lady in the group who is from Korea.  I have now made that Thai curry 2 times and it will probably be added in to our regular rotation because it was so good and easy.
Another high was when the oldest accomplished her 100 mile club goal and ran her 100th mile at school.  We have been going every Mon & Wed morning for most of the year for her to run with the club and accomplish her goal. 
Yet another high - a lot of fun girl days.  We went to see Cinderella while they were all dressed up as princess and had lots of beach picnics.
Some lows- Jon being gone for a school and all 3 girls getting pink eye!!
Thai cooking Bible study

Cooking with chopsticks!

Man that was some awesome food.
Thai curry and beef salad

She did it - 100 miles at school!!!!

Princesses going to see a princess movie

Popcorn, candy and soda - no better combination.

Pintrest crafting while Jon was gone.

The new and improved play area

Beach fun

Why stay at home when you can play outside

Another day another beach

Soda shakers

I guess 3 days at the beach was too much to ask for.
2 cases of "non contagious" pink eye followed by the 3rd kid getting it.

Ahh doctors offices - fun times.

Too nice to stay inside but still too much eye goop to be in public.
Lots of backyard picnics.

Hair Cuts

Below are pictures of the last 3 days and 3 haircuts for Kelly.
To start Molly has been asking to cut a lot of her hair off and I have put her off for awhile - but during a 4 day house arrest with 3 cases of pink eye I caved.  One night once Jon got home we washed her hair and then cut off over 8 inches so she could donate it to kids who need wigs.  Her sisters saw and wanted to be apart of this too but only Kelly had enough to donate.  I allowed her to do this so we had 2 girls with pretty short hair and Riley did get a little cut but not 8 inches.  The girls got one day with their new hair style that I had cut and then Molly felt she needed to help Kelly out. 
I went to workout with a friend and came home and noticed something was off with Kelly's hair.  I sat there thinking man did I really butcher her hair I thought I kept the front pretty long and so I asked what happened to Kelly's hair.  Molly burst into hysterical tears which gave away that something had indeed happened.  Jon and I asked her to show us where she got the scissors so she took us up to our bathroom and showed us the upper shelf of the medicine cabinet -all while having an emotional breakdown with full on wailing at this point.  Jon had to leave for work and left me with this awesome scene where I just kept walking away because I didn't want to say something I would regret.  Right before taking her to school I asked why did you do it - her response was "I thought it would be great, but it wasn't" again weeping the words out.  I called my mom to get another adults views on what I should do.  The plan was to have Molly pay for Kelly's haircut but there were no open appointments so we came home and I just thought is there anyway I can fix this - I'm not really that good of a hairstylist.  When we got home from trying to get the hair fixed I sent the little 2 up for naps and had Molly write - I will not cut hair. 10 times.  By the time she finished writing them I could see she was about to lose it so I said "you know I love you" and she burst into tears again.  This time over and over "I thought it would be great, but it wasn't."  I don't think she will be cutting hair again anytime soon.  We had our bible study tonight and I asked our friend to help me fix it so Kelly got her third haircut in 3 days. 
Not sure how Jon didn't notice the difference

A little difficult to fix

The punishment

Things that make you cringe - seeing your kids hair in the trash

Before the incident

Crafting after haircuts

The last picture of Kelly without bangs

Donating hair

The back


Monday, March 23, 2015

Hair Donation

The oldest has been asking to cut her hair for a few months now.  She waivers between long hair and wanting short hair and today I decided to let her chop it off.  Since she wanted it to be near her ears we measured and it was over 9 inches so we donated it to Pantene.  We did this 3 years ago right before the youngest was born and it made it really easy get hair done when life was crazy.  All night she couldn't stop grinning and was so happy.  Her sisters couldn't stand that she got to have short hair and begged to get theirs cut also.  The middle's hair doesn't grow as fast so I wasn't willing to chop hers off as much but we did but off 3 inches.   The youngest was the hardest for me - she kept saying I want mine long like Molly and then pointing to the scissors.  The 2 didn't make sense but in the end I cut it off for her to donate along with Molly.  The short bobs are going to be great for summer!! 
The side view

From the back

Front view

Here are the 8 inches to donate

3 days of quarantine makes moms willing to do crazy things

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Parties, Parties and More Parties

This weekend has been a busy weekend with lots of birthday parties
 and social events for the family.   We had invites to 3 birthday parties and a unit function all for Saturday - we couldn't make it all but we tried to go to some.  While it has been super crazy it has been fun celebrating our friends and even Riley. 
It's hard to celebrate this many people - but I will try

Indoor play place fun times!

Rainbow party for our friends

Minute to Win It Games

She loved playing games

Kelly not as much

Coming out of her room on her birthday!

Eating cinnamon rolls on the special plate

International Night at AWANA

One last celebration

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Riley's Minion Tea Party

Riley asked for a minion tea party.  After a few minutes on pintrest I decided we could totally handle that so we went ahead with her idea.  I hit up the 100 yen store and got tea cups and paint markers so the kids could decorate tea cups, balloons to make minions and paper products all in yellow.  She has never actually had a birthday party just for her b/c once she was born we have always had combined parties for her and her sister(s).  While I knew she would be happy Jon and I were not prepared for the excitement you could see as she talked about her party the days leading up to it and the day of.  Riley is our kid who doesn't like being the center of attention and anything that puts the spot light on her seems to make her uncomfortable.  For her birthday we had just a few friends over for a weekday lunch and she loved every  minute of it.  I may have forgot to sing happy birthday with all her friends around but Jon saved the day and we sang with kids running around.  The kids got to decorate a minion cupcake - we found edible eyes and they could add.  Our little yellow lover had a great day!

She got to make the cupcakes for her friends.
She also helped make the colored icing

The McP Tea Cups
Riley's minion cupcake

Snacks the next day - can't ever wear enough yellow

Minion tea party supplies-
The kids got minion bananas and they got to draw a minion on their balloon

Kelly helped make our pin the eye on the minion board

Everyone had to dress up

So we took a picture

Eating lunch with friends
Bananas, mac& cheese, nuggets and yellow cupcakes

She loved the icing

Singing to the birthday girl


A little sister time