Thursday, October 31, 2013

First Sewing Lessons and our pillowcase dresses

After finding a fabric store in town I decided to take a rainy day and make some pillowcase dresses.  The girls and I ran to House of 66 cents and grabbed some material that they all loved.  It had yellow and purple and fun designs - something for everyone.  Once they went down for their naps I busted out the sewing machine and started creating the dresses.  While some seamstresses can take hours to create things I have the ability (or lack of patience) to knock things out pretty fast.  I tested my first one on the biggest to make sure things were to  scale and then started on the little ones.  After finishing them all I thought I would give Molly her first sewing lesson and Riley heard me so she also got her first lesson.  The girls got to sew 5 dresses for their baby dolls from the scraps.  It was easier to teach Molly than Riley but they both seemed to enjoy themselves and their creations.
Dresses ready for the girls to wear
modeling the dress

Ready to learn

The finished product

drawing a line so we know where to cut

Have to work on those skills a little but learning

Molly helped capture the moment

Riley capturing a moment of learning

The final products. 
Lots of babies dressed to match:)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fun times dressing up

Between trunk or treats, hallelujah parades and other events we have had lots of opportunities to wear our dress up clothes lately.  The girls love dressing up and I am glad they have had opportunities to interact with others. 
treats at our egg place!

We get to dress up and go out in public and you are ok with that!! SCORE

The McP Castle at Trunk or Treat
with Queen and her princess and a knight to defend us

Had to keep an eye on this one she tried to steal others loot

toilet paper race

Does it include someone touching me - why yes I am in!

Daddy - I can't see

We love to dress up the door too

some more foam creations
Molly, Riley and Kelly with a little help from mom

Coloring some turkey sheets

Dressed and ready for their school parade

So glad the teacher are bi-lingual and translated for me:)

Riley's class - she is holding her teachers hand

Love getting candy and holding her teachers hand

Molly in the back with her class

What loot looks like in Japan
Lots of corn crunchy things, jello things and crackers and then some candy thrown in by the American families

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Devotions with little kids

Figuring out how to do quiet/devotional time with small kids has been a struggle of mine.  They can't read or really write (so I thought) and well it just didn't dawn on me to try and include them.  Jon listened to this sermon online and said I should really take the time to listen to it.  After stalling for about a week I finally put it on while it was a Kelly and mom morning.  The Siebert's gave some really good practical advice that I knew I could at least try.  Here is the link to the sermon where there is a lot more things about how to raise a family that loves God
Here is what I took away:
1. Get the girls a journal
2. Set a place and do it right when everyone wakes up
3. Everyone can meet with Jesus no matter how small

We started doing this last week and the girls actually seem to enjoy coming to the study right as they wake up and grabbing their journals.  After reading a story they then get to either draw a picture about it or write how it made them feel.  Molly has surprised me as she actually started writing things if I would spell them for her.  Riley likes to have parts of her pictures drawn and then take it from there. 
Today I was downstairs when everyone woke up and we ate breakfast first.  Molly looked up at me after finishing and said Mom we didn't do our time with Jesus we have to go upstairs.  Who can argue with that?  So today while we had our devo time I took some pictures.

Molly drew a picture of Jesus calming the storm

Riley wanted to show her picture of Jonah from the other day

The bible we use in the mornings
Jon reads the Jesus Storybook at night

A graduation present from some friends at my church growing up.
This way I could read the whole Bible
Now I have even read a grown up version the whole way through a few times!

Kelly either cuddles or steals my journal

Thanks Mayo family for inspiring me to read the Bible all the way through as I set off for college.  My girls have now had their kid Bibles read to them many times all the way.  

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Japanese Field Day

All the schools have a field day once a year.  This year it happened to fall on the same day as Columbus Day and the day that the Redskins v Cowboys game would be airing on our side of the world.  Jon was super excited b/c that meant he could watch the game since he had off from work- the girls school field day was the exact time as the game and he chose being with them instead of watching the game live.  Luckily I had my iPhone so he could at least watch the updates - big sacrifice:)
For the field day the whole school got in front of the parents and sang some songs that we actually knew.  They sang Superhero by Hillsong and then a Japanese song that I couldn't tell you what it was.  Next Riley's class did a little Mickey Mouse performance where they dressed like Mickey and Minnie.  Then Riley stood there and refused to participate and ended the performance with lots of tears.  I don't think she will be our center of attention performer she is more of the behind the stage kind of person.  Molly's class followed up with a drum song and the pineapple song.  The school had races for each class - Riley's was a sled race where parents pulled the kids and Molly's class had a soccer race.  This was followed by an optical course (that is what it said on the paper but since it was in both Japanese and English I should be impressed since I can't do that).
To end the day we did many tug of wars.  Boys v. Girls, Kids v. Parents, Dads v. Moms, Japanese Dads v. American dads, Japanese Moms v. American Moms. 
What we are learning is that in Japanese culture there is a lot of talking to explain things and build up before events start.  I am glad they had one teacher who translated everything to English so we could know a little of what was going on.  At the end they gave all the kids a wrapped present that was snacks for the kids.  There were curry puffs, pineapple puffs, a few other mystery things and one that was like a curry fruit rollup.  Kelly really enjoyed the curry rollup but no one else did!
To finish off our night Kelly fell while running with a broken coffee mug and cut her face.  A quick trip to the ER with a friend to hold the bandage on her face while Jon stayed home with the big 2 and we came home with her face glued together!
Natural born performer??

If I don't look at them they aren't there

Look at me!!!!
I am drumming

Optical course

Optical course

Look at our awards!!

tug of war

American Men Vs.

Japanese Men

What is in my present?

That was so good it made me sleep

All stitched up

More traumatic than getting glued up-
Mom taking away the jelly beans after she showed 7 in her mouth

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Camping and Tug of War

This four day weekend Jon and I each picked an adventure.  Jon's adventure was a one night camping trip, mine was the world's largest tug of war.  Molly has been talking non stop about camping since we mentioned it and today kept asking when we would be going again.  It was mostly good for our family minus that sleeping part when Kelly thought the tent was her playground and she didn't need to stay in her designated area.  Our campsite was on the beach so we could walk down and play in the sand, collect sea glass then come back and eat or play in the tent which was some people's favorite.
Today we attended the world's largest Tug of War the rope weighed 43 tons and was over 200 meter long (not quiet the miles I was told earlier).  We invited a friend along and well none of us were exactly sure what to expect but an hour delay in pulling the rope was not it!  When we arrived people were getting ready to pull so we grabbed the rope, got some pictures then got whistled at as they grabbed the rope back in order to do all the ceremonially stuff.  We watched as the east vs west kings did their stuff and then got carried down the rope to met in the middle pulled a little on the rope and then left before the crowds ran over us and our small children.
One night camping takes as much stuff as 5 with this family

Ready to camp

Hanging out the beach

Dad more food

We love the tent

Smores on the only fire allowed


Love smores

Why can't I hold my own?


Somebody loves her daddy and loved his lap

My buddy who refused to leave my lap

Good morning at sunrise!  If only she slept.

At the train station on our way downtown

First monorail trip

Peek a boo

Going in!

Not so sure about this tug of war thing

Grace, Jon, Kelly and Molly on the ceremonial pull

You took me from camping to this mom???

Really mom I am excited

Couldn't cut off the rope with our small scissors
Didn't want to get in trouble since knives are prohibited!

Ok this isn't too bad - pretty cool!
Molly's second Guinness book of world record event

Listening to the drumming

Ohhhh- let me down so I can get lost in the crowd