Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Great Alaskan Delivery

Coming March 5th to Fort Richardson, Alaska! We are 9 weeks along with a healthy baby and can't wait to see the newest McP in March - we got to see the heartbeat and bring home a picture from today's doctors appointment. My doctor was so excited for me and a tad disappointed not to get to walk with us during our first healthy pregnancy - since she got to be the bearer of bad news a few times this last year but we are "confident" that the military doctors will be just as great. Here are a few pictures for your viewing convenience. ENJOY. In case you ever have to answer random trivia about the McP's - this day goes down as one of the happiest days in our life (as quoted by Jon).

Monday, July 28, 2008


For the past two weeks Jon and I have been in Germany helping run a camp for kids who live all over the world. We had a ton of fun while there and thought we would show you a few pictures of what we spent most of our time doing. The picture on the right you might notice a guy under the sign that looks like a plus sign - that would be special agent WD40 (aka Jon) who happened to get into some poisoning during one mission and has never been the same since. He was able to complete many "impossible" missions such as eating a banana in one bite, knocking down a wall, and other random things. The kids really got into the 4 agents who tried to figure out the secrets of FLORPH - the name of our camp. Don't worry by the last day we were able to let them know exactly what it meant. It was an acronym for the characteristics of God.
Our days looked something like this - 7:15am meeting with all childcare workers to pray for the day and for each other. 7:45am meeting with childcare workers for elementary workers to figure out who would be in what skit and how things needed to flow that day. 8:45 kids arrive - 48 kids who are ready to have some serious fun! We would play games until most everyone arrived and then we had "God time" a quiet time where we gave the kids different ways to meet with Jesus - they really enjoyed the prayer walk day! Next we did big circle/little circle where we divided the kids up by their birthdays and had Jan- Jun on the outside of the circle and Jul-Dec on the inside. The kids had to pray and wait on the Lord for the kid in front of them - it was amazing to see what all God spoke through the kids to one another. Then the mission impossible team came out to solve the mysteries of FLORPH this was followed by memory verse time and a video and then SNACK TIME - Let's just say the meals are not to great at the camp in Germany so snacks were by far the best time for everyone to eat especially the kids. After snack we had a skit, worship time, sermon and then small group time. We divided the kids up in to groups and brought some things for them to wear to identify as a group throughout the 2 weeks.
Jon's group were the Cowboy Ninjas. Yep that is correct - they would use their sheriff star as a ninja star and as you notice in the picture they all do have mustaches. Throughout the day we would do stuff with just our small groups and Jon's group always managed to have a great time - with the occasional accident since most of his boys had no fear. One great story - we told the kids not to run around with their ice cream at a playground one day and a few minutes later one of his boys walks up with the ice cream cone plastered to his forehead - after reminding him he was told not to run with his ice cream he explained - I didn't run I just jumped off the top of the slide. He wouldn't have traded the boys he had for anything in the world though b/c they did know how to have fun.
I on the other hand was a leader of the Fabulous Frauleins.
What do Fab Frau's do you ask - well we wear glitter, hair things, necklaces and bracelets but don't worry we still like to have fun and get dirty. These girls were so funny, and most of them were leaders - which can be quite a challenge but we managed to all get along and enjoy each other. My favorite thing about these girls were the fact that everyday they would ask for tape so they could tape their mouths closed on some of our walks. We got some funny looks from the German's but at least they were happy with the tape over their mouths - and no I didn't tape their mouths shut they did it to themselves.

That was our mornings in the afternoons from 1-5 we did different activities like soccer, adventure rec, bike riding, swimming and going to Freiloland and indoor play place that was AMAZING!!!! It had over 10 trampolines for the kids to jump on, a play place that 30 kids would play hide-and-seek in 4 inflatables that were hours of entertainment and 3 basketball goals!! Needless to say we spent at least 1 hour a day there for the kids sake - ok maybe for the leaders but everyone loved it.

Everyone other night we had big parties for our kids like a brainiac night, birthday bash, movie night, counselor hunt and other fun things to let them experience a camp like environment.

We are now recovering and getting ready to head out to Alaska next Sunday. I will post some more Germany pictures throughout the week!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Geocaching trip



New Jersey



Those are a few of the states we got Geocaches is this past week while visiting family in the D.C. area. Georgia was a lay over - almost a mistake but we made it back through security in time to get on our flight.
I will post more later - but we are on our way to get Cold Stone ice cream and people are waiting on me!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Poison Ivy

This is a dangerous plant - stay away from it!!!
I have found out in the past month that I am so allergic to it - even just the thought of it and I break out!!
Is it a coincidence that my many cases of itching started when we kicked up the geocaching a notch? For sure NO - geocaching is to fun to give up for pesky things like plants that attack.
Hope every one is having a great Thursday.
This is my last day of work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have enjoyed working at MCH for the past few years but am excited to move on with Jon.