Sunday, January 3, 2016

Visit with friends

We took a few days and went to visit our friends/ Army family.  The girls actually got near their dog which was pretty impressive since they run from most all dogs.  During the visit we hung out and just enjoyed a lot of laughing and playing games.  Another family drove down and we had a pizza party and it was like old time when we were all in AK and NC together.   We also went on a double date while the big kids watched our kids and ate at a restaurant one of my high school buddies runs and it was awesome.

Following Deacon around the house

Squirrel Watching


McP family

Kelly taking a selfie with Olivia but she forgot to include herself

Hanging out around the house

Indoor smores since it was raining outside


Can I have another

Ground time

Playing with the older girls

Warming up at the fireplace

Pizza Party!

Who doesn't have photo booth props at their house?

Say cheese

all the "kids" watching Frosty

Exhausted on the drive away

Christmas with NeNe and PaPa

Christmas with Nene and PaPa at the log cabin was a lot of fun.  Some people hiked to the top of the mountain, almost all the grandkids got to ride in the tractor, we played in the hot tub, finished a few puzzles and just had a blast hanging out.  We picked up Jon's sister Kaitlin and her 2 kids and headed over to WV to spend Christmas on the mountain.  We took a break at Chick-fil-a for lunch and Nene and Papa met us there and then we headed over to Monkey Joe's for a few hours of jumping.  Again the basement was the favorite spot for everyone - Nene had a ton of toys for the kids and puzzles for the adults to work on. 

Getting ready to go to the candlelight service

Nene and Papa with all their kids and grandkids who live in
Asia, America and Europe

Tractor ride with PaPa

They loved the ride

Papa took them for 2 trips

Getting the mail - turned adventure since we rode in the back of the truck

See ya later suckas - rode in the front for the ride back to the house

Birthday cake for Jesus decorated by the grandkids

All the girls got their nails painted

Got to look through old photo albums - fun pictures of Jon

Who can resist that face??

Heading out on a midnight run to get Thomas

Cousins playing together

The duck that never stops singing!

Christmas 5K - Jon's dream

Craft time with NeNe

Hanging out in the hot tub

Making cookies

Making more food!

Beep Beep

Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve

All the McP grandkids (Everly's stand in was a cabbage patch)

The kid table

Basement fun with the cousins

Fun times hanging out with family


Come on in Uncle Jon/Daddy

Lets do it again

Finished C4 and Christmas with Granny and BertBurt

We took a roadtrip with Granny to GA and visited my aunt and uncle and hung out at a hotel preparing for Jon's graduation.  My mom's friends came over the first night and hung out while the girls swam and we had friends drive down and swim with us the second day.  While we were there we got to spend some time with my Aunt Julie and Naughty Naughty (aka Uncle) Jim and the girls and totally help carry on the tradition of Naughty Naughty!!!
We drove up to SC for Jon's graduation and were excited to see him for the first time in 2 weeks.  After graduation we went to the Original Pancake house with our friends to celebrate the finish of distance learning!!!  The girls drove out and we beat Jon who flew.  Once we were all together again we celebrated our first Christmas with my parents.

Mermaids in the pool with their mermaids

Pizza for dinner

Some special time with Granny

The hotel had a waffle bar for dessert!

Hanging out with Naughty Naught Jim

Playing at the pool with our friends who drove down

You shall be my friend

She loves me

Fun times and thankful for Gloria who introduced us

Couldn't get Riley out of Naughty Naughty Jim's Lap


Getting his diploma

We will not let him out of our sight

Celebrating finishing c4 and ILE

Friends of friends who became our friends!!

Exhausted from swimming and seeing daddy

duck pin bowling

Christmas with Granny and BertBurt

Open it daddy

Excited about getting dolls!