Thursday, January 12, 2012

Block Leave 2011/2012

For those not in the military - block leave is the designated time you are allowed to take your vacation time when your unit is deploy-able. We took the full 10 days offered and headed out of town for some fun times in DC!! We spent the first few days at Lewis Family B&B hanging out with some friends from AK - this was dubbed Operation DC and was a success. We rang in the new year playing games and laughing, Molly and Riley partied until the dropped. We then went to the McPherson's and had a fun visit with everyone and then headed onto the Head's for a few days. The camera knew we were looking for a replacement so it decided not to allow us any pictures so I have grabbed a few from others and here is the picture story of block leave. We did come with some time to spare so Jon could get some rest before hitting the ground running at work.
Molly on Brad's shoulders even though she is capable of walking and there was a double stroller - this is how rough leave was for her:)
Riley having to try some more fudge - also a rough time for her:)
This is what New Year's looked like for us - Molly crawled up in front of Jon and fell asleep after playing games, eating candy and running around.
The ladies- Me, Val, Tina and Ashley after an afternoon of sightseeing (I promise there was sun at one point that is the only reason I have the sunglasses)
Riley roughing it yet again
Tina showing how sad she is to have to host the group of us and go downtown to tour guide again:)

Riley continued to rough it at both grandparents house - can you see the anguish in her face.
Chuck E Cheese - the girls loved it and so did the big kids. Not naming names but one amazing lady won the skeet ball competition and lets not worry about the football or ticket contest they don't matter as much.
Granny and Jon were doing an art project with Molly so Riley and I adventured around Port Discovery. Can you tell she doesn't like being put down but mean old mommy didn't hold her every second.
Riley's first ride - it started to vibrate halfway through and she didn't seem to mind.
Molly on stage singing with Chuck E and the band
Molly at Port Discovery - as a joke we asked her to get in the mummy thing (spell check not helping me) thinking she wouldn't but she loved it in there. She kept playing peek a boo with us as she closed the case on herself. We did end up dragging her away after awhile.
Duck pin bowling - Molly could carry the balls and throw them down the aisle all by herself. She loved it - the balls went with amazing speed I think one managed to go 0 mph! Not naming names again but one person (who types up the blog) had a great game and might have beat the other 4 people playing in our lane.