Sunday, September 7, 2014

First Ever Homework for the oldest

So Friday Molly brought home her first homework assignment.  The teacher in her email to the parents said that kids were screaming with excitement over getting to have homework. 
Lessons Learned:
1. Never give your kid a pen to do the first ever homework assignment.  There is no erasing pen! 
2. Just spell the words she says - there is a fine line in helping with homework and doing it.
3. NEVER LAUGH - just spell exactly the words the child wants and don't let her know your true emotions over things that she answers.
4. Give her space and time - I walked away while she was coloring it and she didn't stop for 40 minutes.
5. Remember the email from the teacher - "I am sending home an All About Me poster for homework on Friday. This is something you and your child may work on together. Please let them have creative control."
She loves coloring

Asked her to answer why she was a star -
Seriously her answer: People love me.
Well at least she doesn't have self esteem issues I guess.

Things about her .

Friday, September 5, 2014

End of Summer and Beginning of KINDER!!!!!

Well our life as a family that could do what we want when we want ended this week.  Yep that's right Molly started kinder and we can no longer pick up and go on an adventure whenever we feel like it.  To end our summer we tried to make sure we had lots of fun adventures all over the island and not have too much scheduled things.  Jon got to go to Seattle for 2 weeks of training which meant I didn't have to cook real meals and he got to visit friends - and win/win!  While I was a little jealous of him seeing friends and eating food in America I didn't have to deal with jet lag or going to hours of training or remembering how to drive on the other side of the road and the added benefit of not cooking "real meals." 
Our school here has the kinder come the first day of school for orientation and then we had the rest of the week off.  So Molly and I got 2 more dates in before school started while her sisters were in preschool.  We went to the pool, had sushi and went shopping and hanging out with friends during those times.  Then this week we started school.  The school is a little less that 1/2 mile from the house so we are walkers - or stroller riders.  So every morning we load up walk to school then I walk home with my little buddies and occasionally stop by the gym to get a workout in.  I took my little buddies on some dates of their own because they were so sad about Molly not being with them.  We survived our first week of school and I added walking 10 miles to my weekly life by the time I go to and from school twice. 
Molly loves school and her teacher.  This week she had art with "the craft man" and PE where she got to wear her gym shoes.  Her teacher has Panda Bucks and every day you are good you earn the bucks and get to buy from her stash at the end of the week.  Molly - the shopper-was super excited about this and was so proud to show me what she got at the end of the week!!! 
Say Hi!

got our kiddie kimono

counting down until Jon gets home


Painted some pictures of the verses we pray for the girls

walking to school for orientation

Meeting her teacher and classmates.
Riley thought she would join them

She got to pic her seat - she chose the front of the class near the computers

I love the necklace on my fish - yep that is what she was most excited about

Some dates included exercise

Japanese pool with our convenience store food - rice rolls

had to wear her high heels

Sushi and the sushi go round

Running in our gym shoes

Geocache adventure drove over a bridge to another island

Opening our presents from Nene and Papa for school.
A panda for her Bob Hope Panda School

Reading a book from Granny and BertBurt - the night before Kinder!

First day - we had to change shoes after the picture!

Girls and dad!

First piece of school work

They chose the Japanese pool for their special time

Survived the first week.
Our first Friday popcorn and movie night of school

2 times a day - this might get old by May of next year.
Good thing we have a double stroller that all 3 can squeeze into.