Wednesday, April 29, 2009

31 Cent Scoop night at Baskin Robbins

Tonight in honor of America's firefighters Baskin Robbins had 31cent scoop night. I really appreciate the firefighters (and the fact that I got cheap ice cream because of them)!! Molly and I met up with some friends at the local BR to celebrate and eat - it was so much fun.
The group!
Olivia, Tina, Hunter, me, Mason, Lars, Dory and Molly.
You could get up to 3 scoops per person for the low cost of .31 (or a total of 96 cents per person). We did not each get 3 but between us all we had 12 scoops and it was only $3.72 - what a deal!!!
Molly with her ice cream. One scoop of Mint Chocolate Chip in honor of her mom's favorite and one scoop of Rocky Road in honor of her dad's favorite.

Molly eating her ice cream
Can you believe it - Molly did not sleep through this - she knows how great ice cream really is! She is truly my daughter!
Tina and Olivia waiting patiently in line - we got there before it got to crazy!

Mason, Lars, Hunter, Dory and Molly waiting in line to get ice cream
Tina chowing down.

For those of you who think I would actually give Molly ice cream please know that I am not that crazy. The spoon was licked clean by me multiple times before it entered her mouth - I don't want to introduce new foods quite yet and I don't think mint chocolate chip will be the first thing she gets when I do.
I love living close to friends and having the ability to meet up for ice cream!!

Funny story from my walk today. While Tina and I were walking our 1.5 mile loop which is in a residential area and near a guard shack the MP (military police) pulled over to warn us that a momma bear and her two cubs were spotted on our trail. Needless to say we kinda hurried and finished the walk since we didn't have bear spray or really go prepared to see bears. I will be bringing bear spray on walks from now on I guess. No need to become dinner!

Molly Update: We went to the doctor for her 2 month appointment - she now weighs 10 pounds. She is in the 75% for height and 50% for weight.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our first race in Alaska

Yes this guy is standing on snow in extremely short shorts with no shirt after finishing the race (I think he got first place)

Since marrying Jon I have started to enjoy races more. I must say this race was much different than the races I go to with Jon - there was no super competitive people in the group. We were all there for the fun run part. The map which showed where to park to catch the shuttles was very deceiving - no shuttle for us. We think we walked about a mile to get to the start of the race from our car but we were there for exercise so no biggie.
Some stats about the 5k heart run: over 6.500 people participated, the fastest person finished in 15 minutes, it was a balmy 35 degrees during the run, Molly finished her first race in close to one hour.

Me and Molly with her medal. Since Jon is the runner I am going to send him all of Molly's medals this year - next year he will be around to run with us!!

The start of the non competitive 5k (it started 30 minutes after the competitive so we got to watch our friends finish and then they got to walk with us)
Our group!! Jamie, Bram, Valerie, William, Hannah, Olivia, Mason, Tina, Me, Molly, Mandy, Ashley and Harriet. We had so much fun.
Molly and me at the finish - we made it!
And in case you were wondering - YES - Molly loved this event so much she slept through the whole thing:)

Video proof of Molly's sleeping ability

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Ready for summer

With summer right around the corner and swimwear on sale at Babies R Us I had to get Molly her first swimsuit. There were a bunch of cute ones to choose from but this was my favorite - she looks so cute in it. It is a little big but I know she will grow into it - and there is no pink in it!!
Here she is practicing the backstroke on the carpet - what out Michael Phelps next Olympics you will have to outswim Molly McP!
Molly and I have had a week to adjust with no family and praise the Lord she likes the swing. Gone are the days of grandparents here to hold Molly - we have had at least one grandparent with us every day for the first 7 weeks of her life - I don't know who was more sad for those days to end Molly or me. She can sit in the swing for hours which is nice but there are times I must admit that I get her out just so I can hold her. If you would have told me a few years ago that I would enjoy a baby as much as I am I would have laughed at you - and then told you how wrong you were. I remember the days were Stephanie and I were bartering how we would raise kids - if she would take them for the first year or so I would take them the second year. Well Stephanie will not get Molly for one year that is for sure - I love getting to hang out with her and just watch her - she makes some of the funniest faces and is the coolest baby ever!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Women's Retreat

This past weekend was the Spring Retreat for PWOC (Protestant Women of the Chapel). We had a dinner at a local restaurant on Friday night and on Saturday spent the day at a Chalet overlooking the mountains. It was so much fun!! I got to know ladies a whole lot better and made a few new friends even. Molly came with me and you will never guess it but yep she loved the retreat and was so refreshed by it she slept through most of it. Never fear though she did let me have my first "OH MY GOSH" moment on Friday night. From 7-8 she cried on and off and nothing made her happy. Now granted that is always her fussy time and I know I am extremely blessed to have a child that really only has 1 hour a day where she likes to let loose but man oh man did I want to hightail it out of the restaurant. The nice thing about a women's retreat is there is never a shortage of ladies who want to sooth a crying baby and I let anyone who wanted try! Saturday she was her fun loving self and slept most of the day.

Our family style meal of fried chicken and meatloaf!

Some of the ladies Saturday morning
My token picture. The sad thing about family being gone is now I am the only picture taker so the pictures of me and Molly or even me are few and far between (and the ones that get taken give me lots of chins). By the end of May one of those chins will be gone!!

Molly in the prayer corner Saturday- she interceded for our group a whole lot :)

Okay - below are just random shots from the week with no real rhyme or reason!The above picture is what Jon's toilet looked like at the outlaying base he was stuck at for a few days. Your eyes are not deceiving you that is a PVC pipe going down the side of a cliff - if you had to do anything else you had to burn it. I am thankful I am not at that base!! He did clarify that girls don't have to use this but seriously - who really wants to go to the bathroom in THAT???
Molly on one of her many walks this week. The weather is a beautiful (40's -50's) so we have been going out every day getting some fresh air.
We made a Subway stop with some friends one day while walking and I thought I would throw Molly's glasses back on her to get a picture - as you might notice she did not enjoy that moment too much. But she does look so darn cute in the glasses - even better when they are fastened and she is not crying.
After a early morning walk - since it was not as sunny out I put on a few extra layers for her that day. She seemed to enjoy it enough to sleep through the entire thing.
Molly and I had a fill in lunch date today. Our friends lunch date didn't make it so she called us up - Molly threw on her dress that Tina, our friend, gave her (ok I put it on her but she let me) and we headed out to La Hacienda for a (not as good as Texas) great Mexican meal. I think it has already gone through Molly since she has had gas for the last hour.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Molly in her Easter basket with her bunny. Jon picked out the outfit
The backside - she has a bunny but

The line for foodThe extreme Easter egg hunt
Molly in her I love Daddy outfit

Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Whale of a Time

Molly has now weathered her first blizzard! We signed up to go on a whale watching tour and boy what an adventure that turned out to be. When checking the weather the day of there were blizzard conditions on most of the road to Seward, a town 128 miles south of us. Never fear though - that did not stop us! We got on the road with our friends and started driving - Granny less than thrilled. About 70 miles into the trip I could no longer see the roads, sky or anything really - my first white out OH BOY!! Molly and Dad slept while my mom sat in the back saying that there was precious cargo and that I was crazy and my knuckles were turning white from gripping the steering wheel so tight (Tina, the other driver in the caravan was having similar reactions in her car). We called ahead to make sure they were still going out and the people laughed at us like we were crazy to think that they would cancel the tour so we forged ahead and because really there was no place to turn around - everything was white remember I never really knew when/if I was going to drive off the road and into a mountain. We made it to Seward in the snowy conditions and headed out on our cruise. We did not see whales but we did see: sea otters, sea lions, seals, pods of dolphins, bald eagles and other various wild life. Here are some pictures for you viewing pleasure.

Me and Molly (Nanook of north) don't worry she did not spend much time outside - really non except for this picture and to be moved from the car to the boat.

Departing the cruise - the weather turned while we were on the boat and we could see all the roads on the trip home. It was amazing to see the roads I had driven on earlier that day.
Molly with her travel mate Granny. They spent much the tour right there. It had a great view of the water and mom did not miss seeing the wild life - she actually saw the whale and I did not see.
Some of our travel buddies: Ashley and most of the Lewis family.

Thursday night we played a friendly game of Wallyball. It was not as intense since our husbands were gone but my dad tried to make up for them. We played every imaginable combination of teams so everyone got to win at least one and lose at least one game!!
After the game pictures!

And Molly had her welcome to the World party at Radio Espresso. Since the party was in her honor we dressed her all up - first outing in a dress and it wasn't pink!!
Don't you just love the elephant legs the tights cause. Whoever thinks that a newborn and a 6month told can wear the same size are pretty funny.

At the party
The cake - Noah's ark!!!
Post party - still looking cute with the purple bow.

Jon Update:
So my friends husband sent her some pictures and since he works at the same base as Jon I am putting them here so you can see what things look like were Jon is.
A convoy

Some of the buildings on the base

How they got their luggage when they landed. I thought it was bad when there were a few other black bags to choose my from imagine 500 people with the exact same bag!
This is the one picture Jon has been able to send - his office!

Hope everyone is having a great Easter!! We will be posting Easter picks later this week.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Bunny FuFu

How many bunny outfits could one little girl have?
Let's count together

1. The bunny fleece like outfit

2. The bunny all over outfit - I love her face in this picture

3. The one bunny onesie

Those are just three of the ones she has. We are saving her Easter one for -yep you guessed it Easter but decided this week would be the week of the bunny. Everyday Molly has worn a bunny outfit and so far we have not had to duplicate.

Highlights from our week:
Granny and BertBurt on Sunday with Molly. Molly got to go to the cry room for the first time in her life and she had a little friend come a join her. To bad for Granny and the other girls mom the speaker didn't work in the room so they didn't hear the rest of the sermon.

Molly went on her first official walk with week. We went the past few days for a nice 30 minute stroll and Molly mostly enjoyed herself. When she was sleeping she was happy otherwise she did not want to be in the stroller so we went home and got the carrier. She really liked the walk in the carrier. Spoiled??
The fresh air knocked her out - so of course she had to take a nap to recover from all the work she did during the walk.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Uneventful Week

Molly in her new swing! We are borrowing this for a few months until our friend Gloria has her baby.
Molly and I testing out our carrier
Don't worry - she loved it so much she slept through it. Seems like she enjoys sleeping through many new experiences in life but at least we have pictures to show her what she did.

Molly and our friend Titan. She seemed to really like him and even smiled at one point - she did not smile when I let her face get a little to close to his and he gave her a face full of doggy kisses. This is a good sign for cousin Lucky (Aunt Jenn's dog) we know Molly likes dogs at least!

This week we have not really done anything too exciting - we are saving up for when my dad (BertBurt) comes Saturday. We are going to be keeping him busy for the few days he is in town. We are going on a Whale Watching tour Good Friday - hope the whales are out!! When he leaves he is taking my mom home with him and I know Molly and I will be very sad - this will be the first time we will be by ourselves:(