Sunday, August 5, 2012

Family and Friends - Round 2 of vacation

This past week we took the second round of our vacation and went up to DC to visit both sets of grandparents and our friends the Lewis Family. 
While at Granny and BertBurt's we went to Port Discovery, the Maryland Zoo, lots of playgrounds and the blow up pool in the backyard.  Let me just tell you a air mattress pump is much faster than a hand pump which is faster than trying to blow up a pool.  After that experience I know why we have a hard sided pool!!  Each day was filled with adventure and playing and the girls loved having 2 extra people to love of them.
Next we went to our friends the Lewis family and while there we visited Georgetown Cupcake and the National Harbor.  I highly recommend the PB Cupcake it was amazing - Jon might not agree with the price being the same as a box mix which makes 12 but he was out helping clear out feed plots for deer stands so he didn't have much say and really enjoyed eating them that night! After the girls went to sleep we had a duct tape challenge for every one where a purse, wallet, firehand, trivet, boat and pig were made.  The wallet won but I am pretty sure if they had inspected my purse longer they would have realized how awesome it was and then I would have won!
We finished off our trip visiting Nene and Papa at the cabin in WV.  Jon had a project I had seen on pintrest to work on - a growth chart ruler.  Papa showed Jon how to make pens and Jon made me my very own stylus and papa made Molly one after she kept trying to steal mine.  The girls loved going on tractor rides and Nene found a park near by so we went and played there after Jon and Papa finished their projects.

Last day she crashed at Nene and Papa's

Jon loving his Pintrest project he got to do in his dad's shop

Loving the Ruler Growth Chart

Visiting the BEE'S

Lots of tractor rides - on this ride Nene has Molly, Riley and Lucky

Waiting for CUPCAKES!!

Super excited

Chocolate squared at Georgetown Cupcake - featured in DC Cupcake on TLC

3 rolls of duct tape for a night of fun with the Lewis Family
Kelly was the model since she was the only little girl up

Port Discovery with Granny and BertBurt

Our life in 13 years!!

The Maryland Zoo

Molly and Granny

Mommy and Riley

Feeding the giraffe's