Saturday, October 24, 2009

Family Time

Jon, Molly and I have been having a blast in Texas for the past week. We have gone to many parks, seen a cattle drive, participated in Baylor's homecoming, played tons of games and laughed a LOT. Between Molly and Jon and I have laughed a few calories off each day.
Molly letting Jon and I know that she is done. After a full weekend she just wanted to be home and out of the car seat! She survived her first Baylor game with minimal sunburn (unlike her parents) and as you can see she was very upset at Baylor's loss - hopefully she won't have to get to use to this.

At the start of the game - everyone is happy and I don't think Baylor was even losing at this point - the final score was 34-7

Getting ready to go to her first bonfire!!

Molly and I with my friend Connie. At the bonfire there was a Ferris wheel so we thought it would be fun. It was a little scarier at the top than we thought it would be but don't worry Molly was secure in the Ergo (can't say the same for the Ferris wheel)
Waiting in line
Molly in her cheerleader costume. While it is fun for now I really hope she is more into playing sports when she gets older than watching them (but I will love her no matter what)
Swinging - a favorite now that she fits in the swing and can hold her head up!!

Sic 'em Bears! Molly thought she was back home in Alaska but Jon had to let her know that this was Judge Sue Baylor's mascot not her backyard buddy brown bear.
That sandwich looks tasty - Molly teaching her dad how to share.
I couldn't let Jon have all the fun - Molly and I had some swing time too.

Here is one of the many things that has brought laughter to our lives this week. Before coming my parents and I were having fun and Molly was being a tad dramatic - Granny did not approve but BertBurt was willing to help me get this on film - I will cherish it forever. Jon can do any counseling she will need later on in life because of it.
Here is Molly in all her swinging glory - this was an hour into swinging at the park one day.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Molly can crawl!

Jon is with Molly and I!! We have visited his grandmother and great-uncle Jim in Oklahoma and then we came to Waco for the rest of his visit. Molly, great-grandma Rumbaugh and Jon - notice Molly just can't keep her eyes and hands off Jon. Most of the weekend that is not how things went - she wanted her great-grandma AKA great-spoiler.

Today after church while we were hanging out watching football Molly decided to start crawling. It is a funny crawl but as far as we are concerned it is crawling instead of rolling to get everywhere. So glad Jon got to be part of this fun milestone!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jon is here!!!

We came to Texas 2 days ago thinking we would get Jon and then got to wait but it was worth it. We just got back from picking him up - YEAH!!!!!

The water bottle entertained Molly while we waited for him to come.
Molly and Jon

Friday, October 9, 2009

Molly with some extended family

Here are some pictures from our visits around.

Thomas (2nd cousin - 1 month younger) and Molly

Farmer Molly - right after this shot she decided she no longer wanted to be on the tractor and slid off. Luckily my reaction time was fast enough to catch her before the face plant.

Gavin (cousin - 3 months older) and Molly

Molly is such a morning person

Molly with her great-granny Head's sisters (and in-law) Bonnie, Rose and Dimple

Thomas, Grace, Molly and Taylor (all 2nd cousins)
Great Grandaddy Key, Molly and me!

Grandaddy Will (as the grand kids call him or Grandaddy Head to me) and Molly
Molly blowing raspberries

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Jon's Thank you

Molly is learning to read early so she can read her daddy's letter next time - or visiting Grandma McP's preschool classroom.

Jon sent a thank you for some packages that were sent to his base for soldiers who had already got to go home. The group must have sent the note to the local news station and they did a little article and posted Jon's thank you. You can either click the link to take you there or just read below.

A Tioga County, Pennsylvania based group that sends care packages to soldiers overseas received a thank you letter from Afghanistan.
You can read the e-mail below. It was written by a chaplain. He received 3 packages from the group “Goodies for our Troops” because the people who were supposed to receive them are no longer in Afghanistan.
“Goodies for our Troops” is a non-profit group based in Wellsboro. Currently, they’re looking for donations and packing volunteers. Volunteers will be packing holiday boxes Friday October 3 (1-7 pm), Saturday October 4 (1-7 pm) and Sunday October 5 (1-4 pm) at Park Hill Manor in Wellsboro.
For more information you can call Dawn at (570) 662-5601 or by e-mail at .
The e-mail from Chaplain Jonathan McPherson is below.
A soldier came by my office this morning carrying three big boxes that made their way to Afghanistan all the way from Wellsboro, PA. At first I wondered what was in the boxes until I read who they were from- Goodies For Our Troops. Now we have enough goodies to feed the entire US Army (we might even share with the Air Force, if they're nice to us).
We have a few thousand soldiers living on our FOB (Forward Operating Base) and they will be extremely blessed by your generosity. I for one am so blessed by the overabundance of Peanut M&Ms. But above all treasures that we found in the boxes, the letters were the best. We enjoyed hearing about hatching chicks, riding dirt bikes, baseball games, gas prices, Splash Lagoon, and books entitled "All the Lovely Bad Ones." My Chaplain Assistant and I laughed so hard at some of your letters that we fell to the ground. You guys are awesome and we appreciate your kind words and funny stories.
You asked a lot of questions in your letters and while I can't answer all of them I did want to answer some:
1. From Zoey- "Do you have any siblings?"- actually I have two- an older sister and a younger sister
2. From Hannah O'Conner- "Did you enjoy reading my letter?"- my soldiers and I loved reading your letter- I hope your softball team continues to do well
3. From Russel Avery- "Have you seen a change from when Bush was in for president to now?"- the biggest change we have seen is the decline in yummy treats at the cafeteria; they used to serve chocolate cookies every day, but now it's only oatmeal raisin; besides that, there hasn't been that big of a change
4. From multiple people- "when are you coming home?" Not soon enough. My unit is expected to return home to Alaska in the Spring. Again, thanks for all your goodies and letters. You made my soldiers day!
And tell Hui Liu that I find myself being weird sometimes, too.
CH (CPT) Jonathan McPherson
Chaplain, 425th BSTB (ABN)
"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances..." (1 Thess. 5:16-18)