Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Weekend

This year for Memorial Day Weekend we decided to get away as a family.  I had heard of a rumored treehouse camping area.  All my normal sources didn't have much on the place but there was enough that I could find through google translate to know it existed.  When I called Kunigami Forest Park to try and reserve a spot it was well interesting.  My few words of Japanese made it very hard to communicate since I do most of my taking by pointing to pictures.  After a few minutes of saying treehouse over and over and over I finally said camping and got a HAI (yes) so I went with it.  Not knowing if we would be camping in our tent or a treehouse we packed all our gear.  We loaded our car down with about 1/4 of our house between food, cots, pool stuff, lifevests, stuffed animals and enough stuff to entertain 3 small kids in case of rain and headed out.  We drove and found the park on the first try!!!  A big success for us here and when I got to the front desk my normal point to the picture method of speaking Japanese worked! I pointed to the treehouse asking if they had any available and they did - well of course the entire campground was empty except for us.  Rainy season is a little unpredictable around here.  It was pouring when we left home but the entire weekend was beautiful.  We loved the treehouse, it was perfect for our family.  It was very bare minimum just a fan, light and bamboo things to sleep on but still we loved it.  It was so nice to be in the woods - we hiked around a few miles and found a park, lake and geocache.  The girls loved it but had a hard time sleeping since they were so excited about the treehouse.  The next day we loaded up and headed to the north to Cape Hedo.  It was a nice view but I am glad we did this on a trip when we were already in the north because it wouldn't have been worth driving the 5 hours total just for it.  Afterwards we went to find another geocache and ended up finding a rock garden and hiking area that was so fun!!  In the afternoon we headed to Okuma - the military resort - and played at the beach.  While there we were so glad we found our little gem hidden in the woods because there were so many tents lined up and way to many people for us.  To end the night we cooked kabobs and after 2 exciting nights the girls crashed!  On our way home from the weekend we stopped at a playground we spotted on the way up and had some more family fun.  Once we made it home and everyone got a nap we then loaded them up again for a waterpark adventure.  To end the weekend we played in the backyard and had friends over for a bbq. 
It was a nice time of family bonding and so refreshing just to hang out!
Why not put chalk on your face?

Ready for the Japanese waterpark

They all rode the slide together

I love parks and can't stop for a picture mom!

OKUMA - beach time

We aren't tired!

Celebrated 11 years of marriage on an epic adventure with our family

This is the best smile she could give me

And this was her smile

Fun park!  Even girly girls will climb and get muddy

Tree Therapy

Who needs working toys?

Our Treehouse

Family Fun

Climbing trees

Resting after hiking to the top

Cape Hedo - with our normal Japanese pose

Sleeping in the treehouse

Smores 2 nights in a row!
Best parents EVER!!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Why I haven't posted

Ok so the past few weeks have been busy then my phone decided to get frozen.  It took a trip to the apple store where it was posted that they no longer service iPhones - WHAT???  The lady was kind enough to fix my phone.  This was after she told me I would need to call the new location and I just kept showing her my broken phone pantomiming I can't call anyone with this broken thing!!!!

What has happened in the past 2 months? 
Well my friends from high school visited and we had a blast touring the island together.  We even got to do a plane tour of the island and saw the entire thing in 2 hours.  I signed us up to take a sushi making class - we went with some friends and it was a blast.  Jennie and Jessica were smart and spent a few days in mainland Japan before coming to get over jet lag and see some more of Asia.  Then when they landed they got to tour with my 3 girls:)  It was a little different than when they visited in Alaska but it was so fun - I love have friends visiting!!!

We have had play dates, made Jon a birthday cake, celebrated Molly's performance at AWANA, been in charge of our units eggstravaganza, gone to a Sunrise service at the beach and watch a friend get baptized, had more play dates, played at the beach and well played some more.

Tonight we will celebrate Kelly's b-day! 

To my one adoring fan who has been begging for an update - there you go mom:)