Sunday, October 23, 2011

Lots happened in 22 days!

Life has been pretty busy these past few weeks. We have participated in a Volksmarch at Bragg, Jon ran the Army 10-miler in DC (no pictures somehow), we went to a corn maze, Jon hung out in the field for 2 weeks and the girls and I survived!!
I love that there are so many opportunities to do fun things on post and meet many interesting people. On the Volksmarch (which is a hike at your own speed with "lots" of people) we saw some friends and got to have some over mostly good schnitzel. While in DC for the 10-miler we got to see family and hang out with some great friends - and run into other friends at the race. Jon did awesome but I am sure glad Dave Dice decided to ride the metro at 6am with us b/c I don't know how I would have handled both girls and the many thousand people at the pentagon. Molly was kept in a diaper so we didn't have to deal with port-a-jon's!! Speaking of port-a-jon's Jon waited over 30 minutes to use one and was almost late starting the race but he ran the extra mile to the start and finished in 63 minutes just enough time for the girls to want to see dad! This weekend we went on the annual McP corn maze daze! We went back to Hubb's and it was awesome - they have added some things and it is the perfect size for our family. We enjoyed the barrel cars, bouncing pillow, slides, hayride, 2 corn mazes, and of course tot town. I think Molly most enjoyed the lemonade and corn candy while Riley most definitely loved the slide!!
Now for what grandma's really want - PICTURES!!

Riley's teeth - 2 fangs and 2 lower teeth. Molly has already learned to keep her hands out of Riley's mouth after a few bites.
Molly took a family photo for us - pretty good for 2 1/2
Riley loved the swing at the corn maze
Before we lost the bow in the maze - we didn't go back to find it.
Molly getting ready to drive. The grandpa who was driving it knew how to make some parents very nervous. I think he took the riding lawn mower to its full speed and Molly loved it and I loved watching the others mom's faces contort in terror.
Riley and I going down the slide
Molly going down the slide all by herself - she even went down the big one once.
The bouncing pillow
Molly in the cow chair - man does she look small
Riley and I enjoying our time while Molly and Jon did some sliding and bouncing.
My best family shot of the day

Here starts the Volksmarch - with a survival guide in how to:
How to make a double stroller for cheap
How to keep the entire family happy after a 5k walk in the woods
How to "march" in style
How to get bounced all around on bad roads
How to love on your sister

These last few are survival while Jon was in the field - amazed I even got a picture!
This is how Riley spent most pre and post meals while I tired to clean up and get a few things accomplished around the house. The great thing about the high chair is Molly can't get her and she can look out the window!
Granny and BertBurt let us borrow their tent since most grandkids are a few hours away now. Molly enjoys cooking and reading in it. She really enjoys having the 3 little pigs read while she is in it and the big bad wolf blowing on the tent.
Riley does not enjoy the big bad wolf sightings!!!!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fall Photos

This morning since it was a cool crisp 72 we decided to throw on our fall clothes and go to the park for a family photo session. The timer on the camera agreed and the batteries lasted - pictures are as good as you can expect when you take them yourself! We also grabbed a quick cache along the way.
The McP's
Riley and me
Molly and her dad - checking out the army man in the cache
A little more light
The sisters!
A little more concerned about going to the playground but willing to take a few more:)
Jon and the girls

Riley entertaining herself while Jon and Molly grabbed the cache.