Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December Fun

Thanksgiving with the Head's at the Beach

This year for Thanksgiving the Head side of the family met up in Gulf Shores AL for a few days of fun in the sun!!  We played lots of games of cornhole, minute to win it games, swam at the beach, the kids dug a hole and played card games.  It was so fun to hang out with family and just chill.  We rented a house that had 8 bedrooms and 9 bathrooms.  I am so thankful for days of hanging out and enjoying getting to be with family for the first time in many years. 

Morning walking on the beach

The start of digging a hole

Talking to BertBurt

Cornhole and digging a hole at the beach

The girls had their own room and the rule not to leave until 7am
This was the note the first night at their door - had some laughs

Talking with Granny

Dinner prep

Card Games

Minute to win it games

Fun game time

the kids seriously liked digging this hole

Riley round her buddy

Another morning walk with another buddy

Thanksgiving dinner

Movie night in Granny's room

Celebrated Gavin's birthday

Another meal together - glad we lots of time
Found a trampoline park in town and we for a few hours

Bath time with our cousin helping me out

Family photos

Molly got to help make some breakfast

Trampoline park

Relaxing and reading in the hammock

Granny's favorite breakfast - Hardee's biscuit

Granny vs the grandkids

The girls - minus Granny who was off playing with the grandsons 

Halloween and making memories all over

This year Molly wrote me a letter explaining what we should dress like as a family and then let me know how it would be great for our budget.  After reading her well thought out letter I decided to go ahead and try to make it so we could be the Despicable Me family like requested.  Goodwill did not disappoint  - everybody got to choose a few things to make their outfit and then we DIY a little.  
On a Sunday we didn't have AWANA we decided to drive to Nashville and see the lights at Gaylord and let the girls pick out their Christmas boots.  
Jon got promoted to Major and we celebrated with family and friends.  It took lots of work and years for him to accomplish this and we are so excited for him. 
We have made a few trips to Nashville with friends to eat at some of the fun restaurants we have heard about. 

Despicable Me Family 
Lucy & Gru
Margo, Edith and Agnes

Halloween Chili out

Christmas PJ and Shirts this year

We personalized them also

Gaylord Christmas Tree

The boat ride at Opryland

Girls helped me pick out the cake

The girls loved dressing up

Thankful that Nene and PaPa could come for the promotion 

The hot chocolate line at the Party - thankful Nene was here to help

Taking pictures with the murals in downtown

So thankful for a day to see Tina