Saturday, August 6, 2016

Road Trip

After landing in the States we dumped our bags at our new place and packed up a few things to hit the road.  Since we spent the past 3 years touring around Asia we had not been able to see family and that was our priority on this trip.  The girls now think everyone is their cousin because instead of trying to complicate things we just call all kids cousins and all adults Aunt and Uncle. We woke up at 4:30am (Jon's idea) and headed toward Oklahoma.  We spent a few days in Tulsa visiting Jon's Aunt and Uncle and cousins then headed toward Lawton to spend some time with Grandma Rumbaugh.  Next we went to Texas to visit Jon's sister and family and then farther into Texas to visit my brother and his family.  On our way home we took a few stops to see friends and sights that people recommended we stop by.  It was a great 2 week adventure!  Once we got back home we went by my Aunt and Uncles and got to hang out with my cousins - thankful to have family close so we can visit!  

Playing in the first of many pools!  

Jon on lifeguard duty

Molly and her cousin doing flips in the pool

Uncle Gary and the girls going to see his grandkids baseball tournament. 

4:30am start to a roadtrip!

Hanging with Jon's family and cousins

The girls occasionally got out of the water on this trip 

Drawing with the dogs

All the kids jumping in together

Yep - still in even when the night lights came on


Stopped by to see one of my college roommates- the girls played

And we found a pool with them!

6 kids and lots of laughs!

So glad we could hang out on this trip

Grandma Rumbaugh let the girls color in her books and her iPad

They do not understand personal space - luckily she doesn't mind

Playing with NeNe's old toys

Troopers who can sleep anywhere!

Getting in a workout in the new clothes Grandma bought them

Checking out the prairie dogs and buffalo

Mount Scott

The girls loved hanging out with their great grandmother

Splash pad with our Dallas cousins

walked a mile to get ice cream - totally worth it!!

After a long afternoon of play some Popsicle!

Story time with Aunt Kaitlin (in the closet because why not?)

4th of July parade with our Houston cousins

2 grown men and 6 kids and fireworks - nothing could go wrong.
the did figure out to wear shoes after a tiny incident

Cooking with Aunt Paige

Telling stories to Aunt Heather

Nerf laser gun wars with the nephews

Showed the girls Baylor and the swings

Met up with friends and went to the Mayborn Museum!

Stopped by Magnolia to grab a few trinkets, some dinner and pictures

Checking out our first house as a married couple!
It looked a lot nicer

Our second "safer" house did not look as great

Stopped by Hot Springs for a night since it was recommended by my cousin

Found a pool! 
Ate by the lake and really just enjoyed some family time

I like lake/water living!!

Made another stop in Memphis and Shelby Farms

Found a park!! 
Found a pool!!

Ended up a Uncle Gary and Aunt Terry's pool again because the water babies asked

Made a quick trip to Land between the Lakes and stayed with our friends parents!

Showed us some fun hikes and the area

Poor kids and their crazy sleeping - so glad to have our beds again!