Saturday, January 22, 2011

Craigslist and other fun things

So after failing my gestational diabetes test for Riley Jean McPherson we knew things were going to have to change. A gym membership is just not right for us right now and walking outside does not always happen so after some discussion Jon and I reopened the debate on getting a treadmill. Instead of getting a new one we thought we would give craigslist a try. Let me say families need to communicate before listing things on the site or when we show up at your door we all feel really bad/awkward/rough. The husband took us to the exercise room while the wife yelled her treadmill was not for sale then they shut us in the exercise room and were on the other side saying not nice things to each other. After making it clear we only wanted the treadmill if this was a whole family decision to get rid of it we gave them the cash put the treadmill in the truck and drove off. So the McP's are now proud owners of a ProForm 860 and I (Ashley) will start walking on it so that in 7 weeks Riley comes out with as little damage because my body hates us both.
In the garage folded up - waiting for our friends to come home so that we can rope Troy into helping Jon move it into the house because I can't really pick it up to help - just walk on it.

Then onto OTHER FUN THINGS!!! Our neighbors got their little girl a new power wheels jeep for Christmas and were going to give their old one to goodwill and decided Molly was a good case instead. So Molly is now the proud owner of a one seater jeep - which came at a perfect time because Will needed some wheels and he doesn't even care if it is pink!!
Yesterday Will, Spencer and Molly all took turns driving. The 4 year old was much better at it than the 2 year olds. Today Molly got some driving tips from her dad and is at least moving when sitting in the car instead of just honking the horn, moving the steering wheel and not moving an inch. This is good training for what is to come in 13 years!!
Jon holding the pedal down coaching Molly on how to drive - we are going to have to work on which side of the road to drive on since we are not in England which Molly seems to think we are since she drives "on the wrong side."

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hanging out

We have some friends who moved to Fort Bragg come and are staying with us while they search for a place to stay. Molly loves having Spencer and Will to play with and is learning to share and not bite. I love getting to have adult conversation since Jon has been gone for the past few days and share meals with. Today it snowed again so Molly and I hit the slopes!

Morning time playing with the boys
Helping me shovel the driveway

This is Molly getting to sled - wish Jon was here to drag her up each time but in a few days he can!