Friday, February 19, 2016

Fun times around town

The past month we have been enjoying all the Okinawa has to offer - going and getting all the random drinks out of the vending machines, playing at parks, hanging out at the 100 yen stores and getting random things at the local stores.  Its that time of year where we are seeing news about all of our friends moving and it made us realize that one day we will be moving away from here and want to make sure that we finish out well and that we don't have any requests when we leave.

Learning chess - Jon's new year resolution. 

Mini zoo and egg farm

because every family needs 200 balls to dump out all the time

Vending machine fun

Camping inside because while its not rainy reason but rained for 48 days straight

Park fun

Beans, Corn and Flan - YUMM!!

Quilting with a friend

Park fun - we shared oatmeal cookies and they shared smiles

Why not?

Collagen mask - girls didn't like the zombie mask

She got Cubbie Bear for the week - it was the best week of her life

Love the cherry blossom trees

Fun signs at parks

Family trip to the mini zoo and egg fram

Kelly and her buddy Emma

Mom take our picture

Sunsets in the Ferris Wheel

These kids have hung out with Nicole at least once a week for 3 years.

WHAT?? She actually traced her name

Fun valentines dinner with friends.

Ladies and Little Valentines Party
A celebration of fun for all of us whose husbands were not on the island

Another fun find