Friday, August 21, 2015

Father Daughter Dance

Our unit held a father daughter dance - it was hosted by the chaplain's office and SFA (special forces association).  When the girls heard the word ball they immediately said the wanted to wear their princess dresses. The frugal mom in me thought - SCORE!  Since we didn't have to go on a search for clothing we let the girls pick up some jewelry when we did a trip to the mall.
The day of the dance I hosted a spa day event for our girls and another friend.  To begin I took the girls out for  lunch and then after the girls got to soak their feet and play around on pintrest looking designs they wanted.  We had to compromise on some choices b/c I am not a professional but I was willing to try and lets be honest they got a $300 experience for free :)   Over the years friends have given us many polishes so we had every color under the sun to choose from which helped me create a CocoK experience.  After giving each girl a pedicure and manicure we then started on the hair.  Again the girls looked on pintrest and gave me their requests and I worked hard to recreate their choice.  With the help of bobby pins, hairspray and prayer we got everyone's hair done.  To finish off the experience I did the make up which all came from 100 yen store. 
I brought the girls to met Jon at the dance and left my phone with him to take pictures of the night.  They had Esa drummers for entertainment, a special makeover on some of the dads, cake and dancing.  The girls all had a great time on their special night with Jon.
Soaking our feet

finished toes

Some people are more excited than others about dancing

Meeting Jon and ready for the night

Molly loved dancing with her friends

So many girls!

Funny faces at the dinner table

Jon and his yellow loving princess

Someone was not a fan of the drummers

Watching the entertainment during dinner

When your daddy is in charge you are the last to leave.
10pm is close enough to midnight for these princesses.

Just add water

My motto recently has been - just add water!  Since we live on a tiny island it tends to be pretty easy we go to the beach, play in our daily rainstorm, set up the pool in the back yard or go to the pool.  It seems everything we do is around the water.  We have only had one broken arm on my watch this summer and that was actually when there was not water.
For the social I ordered the lanterns that I saw in the move Tangled
We did this at the beach just in case they caught fire - which some did.

It was so fun to see a few actually work

Playing with our friends

playing in the backyard

It started raining and the kids kept playing - I told them it was like the waterfall at a water park

So this is what happens when there is no water at the park to play with - they jump off the slides and break things.

Started gymnastics - she is in a class with all boys

Jon had a 4 day so we took him to the mall.
Molly wanted him to go with her so bad and I told her he would never go on a weekend

Eating outside while its raining b/c Jon and Molly chose our seating

Molly also got to start gymnastics and she was so excited to go on the balance beam

A cake to say sorry to my friend since her son broke his arm on my watch

$10 for a small watermelon was worth it to had a seed spitting contest

The girls taking their babies on adventure walks

I funny!

Love these girls and their sense of humor!

School program, VBS and a birthday

This past month the little girls had a school program and it was at a local pool that we love and it was so fun!  The girls sang their songs and did their program and then everyone in the school got to play at the pool.  To end the night they sent every kid with a gift - fireworks to use at home.   Since Jon was gone for part of the month I had the girls save the fireworks until he was back to help me out.   It was a blast!
One of my favorite weeks of the summer each year is VBS or church camp and since they don't have camp here we always do VBS.  To make things even more exciting this year I signed us all up for 2 VBS that ran the same week.  Each morning we headed to the local chapel and helped with the chapel VBS and then at night we would pick up some friends and go to a local church's VBS where I got to volunteer in the 3 year old room.  Needless to say we would go to VBS come home and nap, eat a snack, head out to the second VBS where they fed us dinner and then come home and go back to sleep.  The girls were exhausted but it helped keep us all occupied while Jon was needing some extra time to get some school work done for his career course.  
For my birthday I was kidnapped by a friend who brought a babysitter with her to watch the girls and was whisked off to a lunch with grownups!  A few days before we had a bunch of ladies and littles meet us at a local beach and while we were there one friend rented a paddle board.  While we got ready to try it out a lady who was there offered to give me a free lesson since she was an instructor.  We all enjoyed the beach and board until the skies opened up and had to make a retreat from the beach BUT not before we got some homemade oreos!! That is right my birthday cake was homemade oreos by my awesome friend and they were so amazing. 
Seawall walk before a tyhpoon

beach bums

At least she is consistent- never likes being the center of attention

Pool school performance fun!

Zoo fun - they love driving the cars

She was so close to actually riding but then wouldn't get on

Petting Zoo!

Sunday fun - picnic at the aquarium after church

Getting ready to get soaked

Play grounds are so fun

Beach day!


Yep - another beach day

Crazy friend who convinced me to do a 5K water run

Love these 3 who are so fun to be with

double VBS week - no beach days for us

Who doesn't love funny glasses?

Birthday fun

Glad they didn't catch the time I fell

Chillin with the girls on the board

Birthday lunch with grown ups

Co-hosting a social for our unit

Best place to bring people - the beach of course!