Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Granny and BertBurt visit

My dad got to do a recruiting trip to NC and so they came down the weekend before and my mom stayed with us during his travels. While she was here I chopped off 8 inches of hair and sent it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths to make wigs for cancer patients, got a pedicure and had some fun adventures with Granny and the girls!!

Molly earned a lollipop for good attitude and finishing her lunch and using the bathroom in public.
Riley found Molly's lip gloss and decided to apply it. Molly is starting to learn the valuable lesson that if she leaves things lying around they go in time out - especially when I find Riley with them.

With my biggest loser winnings and other money I got a new blender the Vitamix. So far we have made icee's, pineapple cantaloupe smoothies (not a good idea) and chocolate peanut butter. Guess which was the favorite so far:)
Since it is just fruit and ice Riley get to get some every now and then too.

Riley got some teeth to come through while Granny was here - the top one came right after she left. We now have 4 teeth showing and lots of snot to go along with them!
Sisterly love - all range of emotions going on in these 3 faces.
BertBurt's helpers - after loading the car Molly thought she got to ride along. We had a lot of tears and screaming when they pulled off without her.
Me and Riley - just because.
you can kinda see the teeth!
We had a picnic out side one night while my parents were here and about 1,000 flies came to visit so we pulled out the fly swatters. Riley hit BertBurt more than the flies.
Molly really loves Riley - sometimes a little much.
Granny and Riley
Molly helping with the flies!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crafty Times

It has been awhile since my last post - PWOC (protestant women of Chapel) has been all consuming for the past few weeks but now we are back to our slow routine. Molly and Riley got to help me get prepared for our fall bible study kickoff where we had over 250 ladies with 77 of them being brand new - and since this year I get to be in charge of Newcomers (making them feel welcomed and loved) it has been some long days. I love PWOC because we have ladies of all ages and backgrounds and they have lived everywhere and we are all in the same situation where we move when and where the Army tells us and have to make new friends pretty fast.

I had a 50% off at JoAnn's so after a bike ride for labor day I allowed Jon and the girls the joy of walking through the store as I looked for the fabric for our Christmas PJ's. With some help from Jon and Molly we have red Mickey Mouse Christmas fabric and I will start working on the pj's. As a warm up I have borrowed an idea from a much more crafty friend and made some fall onesies for the girls. After the pj's I am going to work on a dress for the girls another crafty friend gave me a pattern for turning a men's dress shirt into a girls dress.
Fall shirts for the girls
A close up of Riley's - you can tell it has been awhile but it will have to work for now:)A close up of Molly's - I attempted a decorative stitch on the outside but after 3 failed attempts we went with a straight line. Molly was sitting next to me letting me know what I was doing wrong and wanting to push me out of the way so she could sew instead.
A snapshot of our life - Molly's cup next to the toilet, books to read on the counter, clothes thrown everywhere and jumping in on Riley's bath.
Riley goes straight to the bath many nights after dinner because even with a bib she manages to get food EVERYWHERE!! Her sister still enjoys coming behind Jon and I and getting the spots we miss with a few cups of water of the face - we keep telling Molly that one day Riley is going to start fighting back and it has begun with hair pulling - yippie:(