Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Molly's big annoucment

Here is Molly's news for everyone.
Coming March 2011 - the newest McP.
I know all you crafty people are probably rolling over in envy b/c of my elaborate onesie design but you can borrow it if you want:) Some of you may know this about me but I am not a very patient person. I figured out I was pregnant in a Walmart bathroom after taking the pregnancy test I just bought and went right back out into the store got the onesie and red sharpie. After I bought them I went to the car and wrote on the onesie and then gave it to Jon once I got home from the store. He was a little shocked and excited all at the same time.
Today was my first appointment and I got to hear the heartbeat so it made it much more official to all of us!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

DC Visit

Molly and I headed out last Wednesday for a quick visit to friends and family. While with my parents Molly got to do her favorite thing and ride the carousel. She also got about 15 mosquito bites as she helped cheer on BertBurt in his first attempt to coach soccer - I got 20 while being his 6th player at practice. If Upward kept score I know his team would win! On Friday my parents flew out to visit Brian and family who just moved back from Malaysia so I hung out at their house, took Molly to the park and met up with friends at Pentagon Row for some food and fun times:) Jennie, Jessica, Molly and I did the Urban downtown hip thing and ate at a restaurant right down the street from Jennie's new condo then we did the cool old friends thing and went back to Jennie's and ate desserts and talked about the fun times and high school. Saturday Molly and I headed out to West Virginia to see the McPherson's. We had some excitment as a humming bird got in the cabin and it took us all over an hour to get it out. Molly loves being spoiled by Grandmommy and Aunt Jenn - and I love not having to be the only one she gets attention from!! Molly did figure out that if she would sneak over to Grandaddy she could get some sweets from him without any ladies seeing and then get some more from us - we obviously figured this out much later. Sunday we lazed around until Molly's nap time and then hit the road for our 7 hour road trip which she slept 4, played 2 and screamed 1 hour!

Friday, August 20, 2010


After a week where Jon left at 5am and didn't get home until 7pm I was pleasantly surprised to find out that is was a 4 day weekend so he didn't have to work today!! This morning Molly and I got up and made some monkey bread and Jon got up while it was baking and took Molly and went on a 3 mile run. After a lazy morning of watching a movie and hanging out we went to On The Border for the best lunch and then took off to South Carolina for some geocaching. We were 9 for 10 today in finding caches - the one failure was my fault but I value my life more than a find. While walking through the cemetery I saw a snake skin then went to the bushes were the cache was hidden and I heard a sound under the leaf covered ground I then high tailed it back to the car and told Jon he was more than welcome to try but I wouldn't come and get him if he got bit - so it was a no find:( The person here puts there caches in tree houses which are pretty fun to find - one today was shaped like and outhouse and had a little person glued to the toilet.

Molly and I waited each day playing outside when Jon would call and tell us he was on is way.
Molly preparing for a day of geocaching - explaining it to her doll.
Ah what a view - this cache is in honor of Moose and Ashley Myers! Jon was retelling the stories they shared about their dating while in college.
Molly contimplating going to St. Andrew's over Baylor but realized the smoothie stories we were telling her about can happen at any college as many a man seems to woo his woman with a smoothie. It worked for both Moose and Jon so I will be keeping an eye out on any guy that offers Molly a smoothie!!!
Turkey Shoot in South Carolina!!

One thing about North Carolina - there is never a shortage of fire ants or cemetaries it seems.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Birthday and Retreat

Last year for my birthday Jon had some friends throw a big party with lots of friends, this year with the move and Jon being home it was a small family day long party. Once we all woke up I was going to make muffins and Jon surprised me by taking me to breakfast. We tried to go to Mac's breakfast anytime for the 2nd time but once again it was closed this time at 9am - so I guess it is really Mac's breakfast when they want to be there. Afterward we went to the children's museum here and it was really fun. Molly played and we laughed - it is definitely a must do when friends/family come with younger kids. Then we went to lunch - this time the restaurant we tried did not have seating, it was a drive thru only version so we drove a little farther and found another one we could actually sit down and eat it - Cook-Out Burgers are pretty good but the milkshakes are AMAZING! After lunch Jon took me to get a pedicure while he and Molly hung out at Walmart next door. He had one more activity planned but Molly really needed a nap and I decided I would rather my child have a nap than go in public with her melting down so we came home and chilled. That night for dinner Jon "made" dinner by watching Molly while I cooked and I got to eat off our new family Special Day Plate for the first time!! There was no cake/cupcakes/candles or anything but it was a great birthday and I just ate chocolate chocolate chip cookies instead.
Getting to sit by myself for breakfast
Jon tried to control Molly and all her excitement while waiting for food.
Fascinate-U the entire museum is hands on and it is like a small town with and Army base even. All the lights actually light up when you push buttons in the vehicles. Molly liked the police car the most.
That man was walking around with 2 snakes - that is when you miss Alaska and the fact the entire state is snake less. They say North Carolina especially this area has a bad snake problem - oh boy!
Judge Molly and her bailiff
General Molly and her sidekick in training

And finally the Retreat! Jon's unit (5-73rd of the 3-82nd) had their marriage retreat this weekend in Charlotte. Jon did an awesome job of giving his soldiers and their spouses some information on how to make their marriage stronger. The one major benefit for me is he had to test out some of his theories so I have been getting some nice treats these past few weeks. Also they had a nanny agency that watched the kids during the sessions and on Saturday night so the parents could go out for a date night!! We went out to dinner and then went to play putt-putt golf where I came from behind and beat Jon on the last hole by one shot!! After that we went to the Bass Pro Outlet and tried our skills out on the guns and I once again came out victorious so we went and got some dessert to celebrate my victories. When we went to get Molly she didn't seem like it was too bad for as she was dancing around to her audience of little boys.
Here we are a the Lowe's/ Charlotte Motor Speedway. We went on the tour and it was actually pretty cool. We saw cars racing around at 170 mph and then our tour van got on the track, stopped in the middle of the 5% grade turn which we thought would make the bus flip and then sped up to over 70 mph racing around the track with 2 other tour vans. Now I see why they require small children in their car seats for the tour!!! While the tour was fun I don't think it will turn me into a nascar fan - I still can't see watching cars drive in circles for hours on end being fun.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Picture Update

Molly and Jon enjoying a meal at our new house prior to the packers coming!
Our first attempt at a backyard pool - it went back to Walmart the next night and we got pool #2
Molly helping daddy blow up the pool - how helpful! I was watching laughing and then distracted Molly so Jon could finish blowing it up.
Molly woke up from her nap as the Edible arrangements guy rang the bell to give up our "flowers" It is some good tasting fruit!! As you might tell from Molly's hair she is still adjusting to the hot and humid weather - she wakes up from naps a sopping mess.
Here dad let me help you once again - what would Jon do without two women who can supervise him while he is at home. Maybe that is why he is gone from 5am - 6pm, or maybe this new unit does require that much more??
Before pool #2 gets moved outside Molly uses it as her office.
We have been testing out new parks in the area ever other day - Saturday we took Jon on our adventure and it is a good thing since I picked parks in rougher areas. Molly loves them I just can't stand the heat after too long.
We tried the splash park- you would think a bunch of kids would be there but oh well. Molly not a fan quite yet but we are working on her liking water!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

We made it (and did another 3,000 miles)

So many of you noticed the lack of posts on the back half of the journey. Let's just say with family there was not as much down time - or free wi-fi like when we were traveling. In the last 3,000 miles we visited 3 of our 5 aunts and uncles along with all the cousins in those areas. We arrived in NC and I flew out a few days later to go take part of a missions conference with our church back in Waco. We had missionary kids from all over the world and we put on a summer camp while their parents when to seminars and got some training - it was a blast but it was nice to come "home." I flew out early b/c the Army told Jon he would be going to the field and in order to get the keys to the house Jon found for us I needed to get back. So after a nice 12 hours with Jon he left for a week and I went and hung out with Molly at Jon's parents and then took her to my parents before coming back to a very stinky Jon (no shower or change of clothes) and saw our new house which was very nice. The movers have come and unloaded all our household goods the McPherson's came to help out yesterday so we could get a few things put away and gave us their old truck so I am no longer stuck at home while Jon works.
I will post pictures and stories from the back half of our trip but right now we are "borrowing" the internet from some neighbors who don't have it secure so while we have internet it is not fast and I am not patient enough to wait for it to download pictures. Come back Wednesday once the Timer Warner man has come and given us internet!!