Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Building a bunk bed in Okinawa and THE CUBE

I asked Jon to build us a triple bunk for the girls once we got to Okinawa forgetting we wouldn't have the truck anymore.  We thought it would be best to get it built before our things got here - only one problem with that our tools are in our household goods!  So Saturday we loaded up the car and headed to our local Makman (home depot) and spent 2 hours figuring out what we needed to buy.  Remember our plans are from America so the figures are in feet but we are in a metric world so I pulled out my phone a ton and did conversions (thank you smart phone).  I did conversions for the length of the wood and the size of the nail and then used my smart phone to ask where wood glue was.  I don't know how people survived before - but I know they did.  The store will cut the wood for you if you buy it there so we didn't have to worry about a saw but we did purchase our first ever Japanese drill set and don't worry we can't read the directions because it is totally in Japanese but the pictures helped explain things for us.  Jon has been working away at the bed and hopefully in the next few days it will be finished!
Missing the truck right about now

Hoping for a smooth ride home

Jon and his helpers

1 down 2 to go

1 frame finished now to make it a bunk bed!

Jon's CUBE.  Proud owner of a first generation 99 cube.

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