Saturday, April 13, 2013

50 hours of traveling - not so bad thanks to AMAZING FRIENDS!

We are so grateful for so many amazing friends who helped make our travels not so bad!!  Starting out on our 50 hours of travel my carry on was loaded down with brown paper bags, ziplock bags and books given to us by many travel experts.  Every few hours the girls got a new adventure toy or activity and it seriously made the hours on the plane fly by:)  The best surprise was a 16 hour layover in Seattle where we intended to do a late lunch with friends and sleep in the car until we needed to check in but they frowned upon our silliness and told us to crash with them.  And well mid conversation I literally crashed - Thanks Beth and Justin even though I didn't get to say good bye we could not have made the second half without our break at your house!!!  Here are some pictures from the past two days in no particular order.
A bounce house at the 2 story px across the street from the hotel. 
Thank you God for something familiar that made the girls so happy after 2 crazy days!

Nothing broke in our luggage and everything was great until I dropped it in the hotel

In case you wanted to see what a changing table in an airplane looks like.
So glad they kept the messy stuff for roaming around and not on the plane!!

Getting ready to leave America - Hello Kitty riding in style

Kelly loved her light up toy

A few last minutes with Granny and Nene

Seriously he can sleep anywhere

Doing an awesome job watching Kelly.
When I woke up and didn't see her I was panicked until I saw the flight attendant walking the aisles with her.  Good job dad!

Paper, tape, crayons and some take off fun

First picture in Okinawa

Thank you Jesus for friends!! The Pritchards fed us, talked to us and let us sleep all over their house!

Seattle airport play place - Thanks again Pritchards for the heads up

Waiting for the last flight - which was actually 3 flights. 
18 hours and 2 stops later. 

Perfect size for traveling - head to toe they fit perfectly on both seats

Just starting and so happy.  Playing sticker madness.

I pad during the plane ride.  Thank God for technology

Kelly's water table or our hotel bathroom.  Don't worry we keep the doors shut now!!

Making bracelets

Take of and landing were always a little hairy because you couldn't use technology but we had plenty of supplies to keep them happy.
Many thanks to our friends who created busy bags and books for the girls.  Seriously we used everything we were given and I can't imagine those 2 days of traveling without them!

Some things included (for those prepping to travel with small kids).  Most were wrapped in brown paper bags so they go to open the gift and play with it.  Also the bags were great for holding trash.
* crazy creatures you hit and they had a light in them that went off
*paper, crayons and tape in a bag so they ripped and taped
*post it notes to write and stick everywhere
*stickers and paper to put on things
*Disposable placemats - great to cover the tray tables and for easy clean up.  We put stickers on the hang over part during take off one time
*scratch art
*coloring/ activity books
*hand made awesome book by Erika Sieg
*bracelet making pack found at Target (my one contribution)
*1 doll and brush
*bandages to put wherever
*SNACKS galor!!!!

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Allison said...

Those brown bags were not meant to be trash bags! They were priceless art pieces!! Kidding, glad you arrived safely and kept your cool the whole way. Brave to Team McP and the littelest of troopers!