Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Bonfire Season and Themed Parties!

As summer ended the beginning of what I would like to call Bonfire Season has begun!  At least weekly we have a bonfire and smores and lots of fun.  We love setting it up in the front yard and watching as many people come over to hang out and just chill.  Our neighbors are some of the best and we all enjoy being outside and the kids running around and all get along (minus those little meltdowns that inevitable with over 10 kids under 10)!
Oh and it was also the start of the season of themed parties where we regularly got to dress us.
AWANA Crazy hair night
Yes Jon had me shave a cross in his hair

Birds flying into their nest

color cone head

rainbow cone head


hotel Transylvania party - Winnie the wolf pup and 2 mavis

Crazy hair at school - one with a cat the other not combing her hair

Another cat for school
Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016


If you build it they will come!

Pool party with the dogs

Every party is better with fire

Picture day at school

We got to see this helicopter take off shortly after they let the girls play in it

Joe Dirt Hail& Farewell
I even managed to find an ankle monitor and Jon well enough said!

Molly's Baptism

Last month Molly gave her life to Jesus and asked to get baptized. 
One night after story time and prayers she looked up to Jon and said I would like to follow Jesus and also get baptized.  We talked with her about it for awhile and had her attend the baptism class at our chapel.  Since this was a big deal we told her she could invite whoever she wanted - knowing that people might not be able to come but we could at least ask.  All her grandparents got to come for this special day and everyone was excited to see them.  Everyone got to pick a grandparent for story time and no one had to share! That weekend we read books, played outside, went to the baptism and got to have a special lunch at her favorite restaurant!  Also we live near my Aunt and Uncle and she asked if they could come and they made the drive up to base that morning to be in our chapel service to be with family. 

Riley and NeNe

Kelly and Granny

Molly with PaPa and BertBurt

Jon got to baptize her

It was a pretty special moment for us all

Family picture with all the grandparents

Watching the Hibachi show

They loved this

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Apple Picking and other fun times

This month we have been able to go apple picking, spend time with family and go to military balls.

Shade Tree Farm and Orchard - Apple picking

Eating our apples and drinking some apple cider slushes

Stopped by Uncle Gary and Aunt Terry's since we were close by

A fun family trip to the zoo

Riding the carousel

Riding the train

On our way to my cousins so they could watch the girls while we went to the ball

1st Brigade Ball in Nashville

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Suprise Party and a friendnapping

This year I got to drive up and surprise my mom for her 65th birthday.  To make this plan come together I first had to get Jon and my dad on board.  Jon was easy as I told him of all the silence he could enjoy in the 48 hours we would be gone - until we realized he had a retreat to run and then I let him know how great it would be not to have to worry about us.  My dad had the same concerns as Jon about me driving 24 hours in less than 60 hours but I was able to make those fears disappear by calling on a friend!! I convinced Tina to drive back with me and spend 4 days hanging out with me and then to fly back to DC after a week of lunch dates and lots of talking.  It was a win win win for all!! The girls couldn't stop talking about how great it would be see Granny's face when we surprised her and they were not disappointed. We arrived around 9pm and BertBurt had taken them to a dinner theater to get them out of the house so I had  1 hour to get black balloons filled up and put in the garage, get the presents out and then get the girls quiet so she wouldn't suspect a thing.  After we had everything set I joined the girls in the basement (their favorite room in the house) and we waited and waited and waited until we heard the garage door.  We ran up the stairs and waited just a little bit more then opened the door and yelled surprise!!!  Granny was truly surprised as she thought her neighbors had broken in and filled the garage with black balloons and never suspected us driving up for the weekend.  We ate cake right then and opened presents and finally went to bed after midnight.  The girls enjoyed playing and talking all about the "Paris Party" we threw for granny. 
On Sunday we loaded up the car and hit the road.  We drove down and picked up Tina and got to say hi to her family and then steal her away for a little while.  Jon's retreat was near a famous bakery so I asked him to pick us up some donuts from 5 daughters bakery and we did so we arrived home to an amazing treat!!  Tina got to join me with school drop off and then we went and tried some restaurant in town for lunch dates.  We got to meet up with other friends from previous duty stations for lunch dates and Tina even got to join me for PWOC kickoff and see friends she knew for years and years.  After a great few days we took her to the airport - no more built in lunch buddy but at least I tried a few places with a trusted friend and can now drag some new people to these places.

Granny will be surprised (at the mess at least)

65 black balloons

11 pm and getting ready for cake!

Storytime - best way to spend your birthday

Granny was not prepared for 4 extra mouths - good thing we bought her birthday donuts!

BertBurt got to made a store run so we could have fruit

a fun 36 hours!

Picked up Tina - ready for another 12 hours in the van


Kelly got lots of great?? pictures of Tina


We treated the girls to Chuck E Cheese and got to actually talk while they played