Thursday, January 19, 2017

Celebrating New Years with friends and other fun things

We have really enjoyed getting to hang out with family and friends a lot since we moved back to the states.  So we kept up the trend for New Year's and visited with friends who visiting their family just down the road.  Two years ago we met up with them in Bali and this year in Alabama! 
While the girls had a long break from school we took many day trips and overnight trips instead of one big trip.  We enjoyed getting to explore the area we live in and see all the many great cities around us.  On the yucky days we did lots of crafts indoors and even found an indoor pool to keep us entertained for a few hours. 

Craft fun - making new paintings for the bathroom

really got into her bathroom painting

Smiley kept up with her love of yellow and smiling

The new d├ęcor in the bathroom - very fitting

Ice Skating in Alabama with the Dunn family

Kelly loved having Annie to help her out

They always bring the fun!

We all traveled to Alabama to visit with friends and then met back up at our house for a few last days of fun!
Family game of PIT

High Ho Cherrio

Huntsville Space Center

Pretending to take off with the shuttle

Hotel fun for New Years

Every girl shot a roman candle

Watching the dad's blow stuff up

Still doing the fun game with saran wrap and more saran wrap

Pie in the Face

She created a cell phone - that fits on her head


She gave herself bangs - so we got them trimmed up a little

New Providence pool - lots of fun after being locked up for a few days

Nice weather so lots of kids out!! Love this neighborhood

Compassion Experience - we now have a boy from the Philippines we sponsor


Learning how it helps break the poverty cycle

6 mile hike turned 10 - whoops but they finished it!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas activities started early with friends!!

This year it worked out so we got to see some of our friends before Christmas and get to spend Christmas with grandparents.  To kick off the season I sprained my ankle while doing a fun warm-up at the gym - human tic tac toe.  While the last round ended with an injury I will be playing this game again and probably with the kids.   Once I got my air cast and crutches I totally took the doctors advice and rested my foot for 5-7 days (ok more like hours). 
Sunday we helped our chapel kids lead the worship portion of the service.  The next day our friend Tina flew in for a few days.  She was here in time to watch Jon's air assault graduation and have lots of lunch dates.  While Tina was here we made some fun Christmas treats, talked for hours and ate around at different places around town.  Tina flew out and the stomach bug flew in - booo.  Molly had the 24 hour bug and had to miss the last 2 days of school including all the Christmas parties which made her a little sad. 
To kick off the school break we met up with our friends Grace and Clara in Chattanooga and stayed at the ChooChoo hotel and even stayed in a converted train car.  The girls loved getting to sleep in Thomas/Percy or any other name they called it.  Outside our room was an outdoor skating rink so we took the girls and skated and then went across the street to the Hot Chocolatier and tried out different drinks with homemade marshmallows. We ended the night with swimming and then trying to get the little girls to sleep so that Grace and I could stay up until past 12:30am talking! The next morning we rode the trolley and went downtown to an awesome children's museum and spent 6 hours playing and creating.  To end that trip we made a stop by starbuck's and got drinks to make up for missing the past 6 months of our weekly coffee date.
We had a few hours to get things cleaned up and prepared for Granny and BertBurt and now we are having a blast playing with grandparents!!

My twin
She messed hers up a few days before me at our park

Painting canvas art for the bathroom

Our new bathroom artwork

Going to the theater to see The Happy Elf

Went down to the Riverwarlk to see the walking lights

Chapel Christmas program

Monell's with Tina

Air Assault graduation

Making Christmas treats

Graduation cupcakes


Christmas PJ

Chattanooga Choo Choo


Making up for 6 months of no coffee dates - 36 hours of taking and coffee drinking

Ice Skating

The girls all decided they didn't need the blue helper

Right down the way from our train car

The girls!

The big girls!

And now - shopkins with the grandparents!