Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good times and bad driving!

Here we are again with me trying to communicate in a positive light things that in the time made my heart race a lot.  I love adventure and new things but seriously this no street signs thing is killing me!!  I hear from all these ladies how grateful they are that people give directions by buildings and other random sites but give me a street address and my gps any day.  So with the no street names comes buildings with that's right no real address for my gps to plug into so I am required to go by turn at the Toyota dealer then look for the yellow house and take a right.  In the heat of the moment I am usually trying to make sure I stay in my lane since I like to veer to the left (a lot - hit a tree and curb so far) and use the blinker and not the windshield wiper since they are reversed from American cars.  But this week I have ventured out the last three days to find parks and potential preschools.  My navigator during the week is my friend Molly who is so very helpful in her nonstop talking and good old Riley who when I ask a rhetorical question (or any question) raises her hand and yells me all while I drive lost on the island.  Today I heard this from the back seat - I text daddy and find out where to go, hey mom dad says take a right then right and we will be there got it - thanks for that one we were only 9 km away from home and steadily driving the wrong direction at this point.  Did I mention the roads are so extremely small that they barely fit the 2 cars much less the crazy foreigner who needs to turn around so I usually drive a few extra kilometers to find a safe turn around.  Good thing they designate us foreigners with a Y on our license plate - Okinawans get a Japanese character so we can all know what we are dealing with on the roads:)
But for the good part we found a great park, found a preschool I hope Molly and Riley can get into and found a preschool I never want to drive to again if I don't have to.
Best part the island is only 2 -17 km wide and 67 km long so really I could just drive a big circle so at least I won't be lost for too long.  Oh yeah and the fact that I can plug in the Air Force Base and it will at least get me there if not to most local places!

They sure do love each other

This is what I get when I say smile for the camera.
Riley is explaining to Kelly what is required.

Calzones thanks to pioneer woman

Movie night in the fort.

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