Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bios on the Hill

Goats and small kids - guess what is going to happen????

Today's adventure was Bios on the Hill with our friends the Jerrnigans.  Jennifer and I made a morning adventure to the local farmers market while her son was working on a boy scout merit badge.  The local market was eye opening as nothing was in English but at least numbers are the same!  I got some carrots, broccoli and corn on the cob because I was not brave enough to try things that I had no idea what they were except by sight and smell. 
Later in the afternoon we loaded up our cars with our kids and husbands and headed to Bios on the Hill.  It was a beautiful garden with tons of fun things to do/experience.  We are realizing that while on post we have land and playgrounds it is not the same for the locals.  There are over 1 million locals on an island that is 67 miles long so open areas are a rare commodity.  They had tons of orchids all over this place and while I am not a flower person even I couldn't deny the beauty of God's creation and how creative He is.  The orchids hang from trees as their roots get nourished through the air and it was interesting to see them.  The girls were more excited about the water buffalo, goats and swings.  We played around for a few hours and just enjoyed nature for a few hours.  The one scary part was the water lily bridge.  I like adventure as much as the next but something about my 2 year old independent girl wanting to walk made my insides cringe but I followed behind ready to catch her if need be.  We ended the day playing with the stilts and water guns followed by an awesome dinner at the Jerrnigan's.
Were are taking full advantage of Jon's 4 day with no responsibilities!! Tomorrow we have plans to check out America Village with another family after chapel.  
Bios on the Hill

Molly and J, Molly's new friend

Now that is a playground

Water buffalo cart rides

Tree swings

The girls and flowers

Lily bridge - just planks layed on top of each other over the pond

Just chillin

A little scary but we made it

Stilt walker

Molly showing me how its done

Japanese water guns

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Mandy said...

Water buffaloes are real other than in Veggie Tale Silly Songs?! :)