Sunday, April 21, 2013

Indian Food and the Beach are today's adventure!

Today our adventures included eating lunch at an Indian restaurant called Bollywood Dreams, walking around America Village and ending the afternoon with a beach trip.  Let me just say how much I love small bases and family feel on them.  We went to lunch with 3 families after chapel today and it was so fun to go and have some time to talk and meet with each other.  They took us to Bollywood Dreams which is a Japanese version of Indian Curry.  Since I have never really eaten much curry I don't have much to compare it to but I thought the meal was AWESOME!!  Riley loved her butter chicken curry and naan and Molly liked her rice and melon soda and Kelly loved everything put in front of her.   I will definitely be going back there since the naan was so good and the curry was amazing.  One funny thing about the restaurant was it was only foreigners in it and it reminded Jon and I of the Chinese restaurant we ate at in Sudan which also only had foreigners.  I have seen one restaurant I want to try, I can't remember the name but here is the slogan: Mexican cuisine, American portions, Okinawan hospitality.  That should be a fun one!!
Afterward we walked around America Village which my comparison is Okinawa's version of America like Chinatown is America's version of China.  It has lots of different restaurants (Italian, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian), stores and attractions even a huge Ferris wheel!  I will be bringing the girls back to go an indoor play place I found.  It happens to be on the second floor and guess what - no elevator!  You pay to play for 2 hours so it is worth a shot.
While walking around we noticed the sign for a store I knew had lumber from my Internet research so we went inside.  It was like a Walmart and Home Depot on steroids!!  It had everything - couches, dogs, lumber, flowers, 100 yen section, anything for your house.  We scouted around for the supplies to make the triple bunk that Jon is going to make and then let the girls get a toy from the 100 yen ($1) section. 
Then we took the girls to Torii Beach to play around and show them we really are close to the beach.  They thought it would be water weather so they wore their bathing suits under clothes - that didn't last long.  And now we are crashing. 
Today Jon and I laughed at how I have made the family go from thing to thing nonstop but I know that weekends fly by and I refuse to not make the best of every moment we have here.  We have got to meet and be around many locals and see sights that we would never be exposed to otherwise.
McP's eating curry

shopping local

Excited to see the beach and be in their swimsuits

Better judgement ruled the day and clothes are back on

Swings at the beach!

Dinner tonight from the farmers market trip

Thought I bought them place mats - little bigger than I planned on.
Being able to read the language would be nice at times like this

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