Thursday, April 25, 2013

Pictures from the routine life

Breakfast at the house - oatmeal in our camp bowls.
Kelly's seat for 1 meal was the stroller then I went online and found a second hand high chair until ours come!

Will never understand the fascination of being together in the pack in play

BABY GATE!!  Spent more money than I wanted but well worth the investment with the steep stairs I caught Kelly on when I thought she was right next to me.

Game night!

Japanese McDonald's - guessing game since it was not in English and not many pictures.

Because who doesn't need a cup holder for fries??

This can opener failed me on the AK to NC trip and again on the NC to OKI trip.
Thankful for my leatherman and other random tool to pry open the can.
Investing in a can opener tomorrow.

Post dinner entertainment thanks to the 100 yen store.
Table tennis.

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Krissie Sodre said...

congratulations, you have a beautiful family!