Wednesday, April 17, 2013

First real Japanese Food

Today we tried to get my Japanese license but were a little late and the Marines don't joke around about time.  The door was shut for testing in process and so we will go back tomorrow.  While on Camp Foster we went to the hospital to see where we would be seen for the next few years and for Jon to get everything squared away so I can get Kelly's 1 year appointment in the next few weeks.  The hospital is nice - for those keeping track in our 3 duty stations that would be 3 different military services we have used as our hospital.  AK was Air Force, NC was Army and OKI is Marines.  I haven't done much with Marines but will find out after this one how awesome they are I am sure:)  Since it was almost lunch time Jon said he would take us to a restaurant he got to go to the other day and he liked.  Our first official outing in Okinawa as a family.  It was AWESOME!  We had noodles and sat on lowered bench seats which we had to explain over and over were not for sliding around on.  Glad we had lunch before the rush hour because we are probably the messiest family they served.
First time to eat off post

excited about chopsticks

Awesome food!

Rice, chicken and noodles - the way to this girls heart!

Trying to keep Riley in her seat but small tables were quiet exciting.

"take my picture with Kelly"  says Molly. 
Don't they look like they are having fun?

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