Friday, April 26, 2013

Zukeran Egg Shop and Zoo

This is not a post about going to two different things in one day it is about an all inclusive trip to Zukeran.  This is a mini zoo with an egg shop attached to it.   I heard about it from some neighbors today and decided that we needed to take a family trip as soon as Jon got home since it was open until 7pm.  Let me say we were not disappointed there were both animals of all sorts and lots and lots of eggs and egg type things.  Jon was very sceptical especially since my directions were go out gate 3 then turn on 329 then look for 2 pakinco clubs and it is in between them.  We found it and enjoyed a tour of the zoo before getting some cream puffs as appetizers then coming home to enjoy a dinner of eggs and french toast made from the eggs we bought!  Jon still isn't too sure about buying local but since it costs about the same as the commissary I will probably be going regularly because the girls will get a free zoo trip and the farmers market is along the way.  So many fun things especially when you ask people what is something random they do here - thanks neighbors for the fun adventure!! 
OK and a disclaimer - by zoo I mean that in the loosest sense of the term.  They had parrots, pigeons, turtles, rabbits, guinea pigs, pigs, horses, squirrel monkeys, fish and a few other random animals.
 Now for the best part - pictures!
parrots greeting us as we pulled up

Riley wasn't afraid until I put her face near his mouth

Once again can't read the sign but the picture is pretty self explanatory

The playground at the zoo

Jon thinking we are buying eggs from this place - seriously???

Enjoying cream puffs

Dinner made from local eggs
Hope they are chicken and not bunny, snake, lama, parrot, pigeon, or turtle!!

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