Monday, April 22, 2013

Pedicure Japanese Style

Today for the final adventure of the 4 day Rachel (Jon's assistants wife) took me to her favorite local indulgence - Japanese pedicures!!  Let me say I got my first one after running my only marathon as a treat and while I gave up the running I did not give up the pedicures and this one ranked up there with one of the best.  I love to wear my sandals which means sometimes my feet get a little rough and having nicely painted nails staring at you never hurts.  Well where we went today they gave an amazing leg massage with oil and while they worked on prepping your leg and foot I looked though 22 pages of nail designs.  I might add that each of the 22 pages had at least 20 designs ranging from flowers to African art to Hello Kitty and even a hamburger.  After flipping through the pages for a good 10 minutes I decided on the design below and while I was tempted to change my mind I decided to stick with it and go back another time to try a different design!  Jon and Thomas got the joy of hanging out with the kids and enjoying a relaxing few hours while we were gone.
At dinner tonight we realized tomorrow is the day we move into our new house so we have to be out of the hotel by 11am.  That got us in a packing frenzy while the girls got to take an hour bath.
Pedicures come with amazing art work

The toilet which I had a hard time flushing

Last round of packing for awhile hopefully

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