Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Moved into the house today!

We got the keys to our house for the next few years today!! While Jon had toured it with Riley this was my first time to be inside and let me say I was pleasantly surprised!!!  The house is so much bigger than I expected - our living room is a great size and so is the kitchen.  The girls loved being able to spread out their toys and played for hours in the room.  We ventured out to our playground a few times to pass the time away.  Then we had Jon take us to dinner and the PX when he got home from work so we could get the things on my list like toilet paper, hand soap, trash bags and pillows as I noticed throughout the day things we needed.  We have what will be the most awesome clubhouse under the stairs which will hold the girls toys. A gecko is already partying in the clubhouse and the girls enjoyed talking with him.  While shopping at the PX I noticed a sign that said FREE for 10 and under and figured whatever it is I am all for it with my 3.  So tonight we got their name written in Japanese and then since they were so nice I also paid and got our last name on a board as a keepsake.  And to end the night we got a water cooler off of bookoo.com which is craigslist for Americans in Okinawa.  While filling up the water Jon and I decided to try a HOT coffee drink from the vending machine.  You read right they have HOT and COLD drinks in vending machines which they have all over.  It was actually good and I will now be buying my 100 yen hot coffee drinks regularly I bet.
And once again I just have to say how thankful I am for the people God has put in our lives already here.  I made 2 phone calls after walking through our house and seeing that we had 3 beds (queen and 2 twin) and realized there was nothing for Kelly to sleep in.  Within a few minutes they had made calls and found someone willing to let us borrow a pack n play until our furniture arrives!
Posts will probably start to slow down as life sets into a routine but for now every day seems to hold some crazy adventure that I want to make sure we can read about later when I print my blog book! 
Playing in their room

A favorite spot in the room

My improvised bed for nap time.
She doesn't sleep if I hold her but slept 2 hours in the stroller

A little dirty after the playground trip but look in the corner to see our friendly gecko

Names in Japanese

Hot coffee from the vending machine - yummy??!!


Natalie Ward said...

I love the names in Japanese

Mandy said...

Just caught up on the adventures (haven't been at the computer while feeding so I had missed a couple :( )- Yay for the new place! Praying for good sleep and adjustment as you guys settle in.