Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We now have a van and home (kinda of)

Jon was offered 2 houses yesterday.  He arranged a ride with a friend and took Riley with him to check out one of the houses.  It has a huge living room, kitchen and dining room.  The bedroom are upstairs so we will probably be getting a baby gate but everything else is awesome and there is a huge playground out the back.  Now we have to accept it and start the moving in process
Jon took and passed his driving test yesterday and we found a car on bookoo.com (a craigslist for Okinawa!)  We didn't want to have to spend a ton on the car because it is only for 3 years and the max speed on the island is . . . 50 kpm.  That is kilometers per hour which is 32 mph, me and my lead foot are going to have fun with that!  Tomorrow I get to take my test and hoping I pass so I can drive too - AK and NC gave me issues but I have actually been studying for this one so I should be ok. 
Today the girls and I walked across the street in the rain for story hour at the library.  It was awesome and the girls loved it.  They read books on rain and clouds and we made a flower craft which made Molly super happy.
To celebrate all that has been going on in the past few days we are going to Chili's for dinner!
The "new" swagger wagon - 1997 Honda Odyssey $1,200
After road tax, insurance and JCI (Japense something) $1,800

Testing out the steering wheel on the other side

Creating our flowers

Story hour is popular here!  Made some friends today.

The outside of our potential new home

The kitchen

$4 worth of blueberries - sticker shock!

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Mandy said...

so grateful for provision on the house and van! looks awesome! but the speed limit - wow and blueberries well looks like you guys will cherish each berry :).