Thursday, April 18, 2013

Licensed to Drive and Okinawa Zoo

Today I took the test so that I could have my overseas license and passed on the first try!  Amazing what a little studying will do for you since I failed NC and AK each at least once.  The best part - Jon has a 4 day already so we decided we would be going out no matter what the weather did.  Armed with a map of the island, my iPhone with Google maps downloaded and a brochure of where we were going we headed out of Camp Foster to the Okinawa Zoo.  Something interesting about the island life - there are NO street signs except for the major roads.  That means expect for about 5 roads nothing else is labeled (not that I could read it anyway but still).  Praise God for google maps - we put in the name of where we wanted to go and while everything on our screen was Japanese the lady still spoke English to us.  She however did not tell us the name of the street we would turn on just 50 meters left turn but I will take that!  We made it on the first try and no major issues.
Once in the zoo we walked around, enjoyed the wildlife and had a good old humid time.  It seemed warm to us so we were in short sleeves but we were a little under dressed compared to the locals who were in long sleeves, pants and hats.  I realized a zoo in a different country is just my style - no worry about reading the signs because I couldn't read them if I wanted.  Luckily some signs translate as you will see in one of the pictures.  Molly's favorite part were the cars.  For 100 yen you got to drive a car in the circle and they had a Hello Kitty car.  Riley was by far the funniest driver ever.  Her second turn I let Jon be her partner so I could get a video. 
Lunch was also fun - I was glad for a point menu since I can't read Japanese.  It was all going great until breaking into something for Kelly (after eating one a loving it) and noticing the purple swishy leg staring back at me.  I had to pop it in my mouth whole and not think about things or I wouldn't be able to eat it.  We got 4 different things with only one being American (the corn dog) and everyone seemed to enjoy the selection.  I would never be able to order it again without my pictures:)
Successful first adventure and tomorrow we go with friends to see some other sites - should be fun.
Okinawa Zoo - little rainy but nothing too bad

Hipps - they loved being sprayed!

Can't read the words but I get the point - stay back from the lion cage!!!

Lunch at the Okinawa zoo - not your typical lunch in America.

All good until I saw the purple leg!

Hello Kitty and her biggest fan driving the track

Riley the crazy driver

Kelly in her taxi cab

Bites her tongue like the members of the Head family. 
Some Head genes are pretty strong like blue eyes and biting the tongue!

Flying Fox Molly

Flying Fox Riley


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Mandy said...

I was reading thinking I am so glad God gave you (y'all) a great sense/love of adventure because just reading about the fun makes me a little stressed out :). However with each post it makes me want to come visit and experience this culture more (minus the squishy leg in the food :-) maybe). And the picture from the lion cage - it made me belly laugh out loud, poor Brooklyn who I was feeding I think wondered what Moms deal was - hope no one learned that one first hand to warrant the need for a sign.

I love reading abut your adventures in life right now, you guys are amazing and we are so thankful for you!