Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Indoor play place

Today we took part of our first FRG function by helping with the bake sale.  After an hour and half of selling baked goods and the girls eating a few of their own we had to leave b/c the girls could not sit still any longer.  We ran to Makman and got some more lumber so Jon could work on the beds tonight and then as a treat went to the indoor playplace next door.  Let me just say it was AWESOME!!  The girls played non stop for 2 hours.  Molly made a few friends and she would go off for long periods of time then run back smiling and talking of all that they did.  Kelly loved the ball pits and wanted to eat them all.  Riley couldn't figure out if she wanted to be with Molly running off my herself or close to me and Kelly so she would go back and forth.  Needless to say with the nonstop going some people didn't get their nap and when that happens this family is prone to accidents and Riley now has a huge knot on her head from the bed frame.
2 monkeys climbing the walls

loving getting some 1 on 1 time

slide races

Ball pit!! Riley getting ready to launch herself in

At the bake sale they were selling old gear so I bought my first unit doll

Knot on the opposite side of the head as Molly!

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