Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Family Time

We have got to have lots of family time as Molly doesn't have preschool, Riley doesn't have moms day out and well Kelly is my accessory in life:)  To make the most of it we have a few routines like going to the mini zoo which has fresh eggs when I need to buy eggs instead of getting them at the commissary.  We have also started to have at least 4 picnic's a week either lunch, dinner OR snack.  One other tradition is getting ice cream what seems like 4 times a week.  We have a baskin robbins about a mile from the house which is a great post dinner family walk with a few park on the way thing to do at night - right??  We also got Jon in on a beach picnic which is pretty impressive since mess and water are not his favorite things!  It didn't help that dinner that night was sloppy joes but we all had a good time and memories were made.
Sloppy Joe beach picnic

Wait for me!!!

So let me tell you how awesome gatorgator is - or I will just drink it.

Who doesn't need a hat, purse, shopping cart and other accessories to start their day?

Snack time picnic

Ok the egg shop also sells ice cream so we got some:)

The picnic's are wearing Kelly out!

Took her awhile but she was finally able to cross her legs - what a lady:)

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