Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Picnic at the Dam

I get a lot of my adventure ideas off of the website  Today I typed in parks found one that looked fun, packed up a picnic lunch and took the girls to the dam.  The directions are always fun to follow with no signs to follow but today's adventure included the direction when you get to the mountain of trash you are about 1 km away.  Now when I read that I thought seriously how big can this pile of trash be - well we could smell it pretty far away as Molly started talking about the smelly pigs.  Which then brings up the road trip to TN when she got to see Grandaddy Will's (my granddaddy) pigs and cows and how BertBurt held her on his shoulders and I stayed at a hotel without them.  I on the other hand am trying to continue following my sparse directions while acknowledging her all while laughing in my head.  We made a pit stop at the sanitary plant thinking I had gone the 1 km but the nice man gladly told me I was not at the dam but the water cleaning plant - whoops!  We drove down the road a little farther and found our park!!!  On the website I used it had kids  playing in the water so I had the girls dressed in their swimsuits.  Today it was us and a group of 80 year old Okinawans who kept looking at us like we were crazy which got me to second guessing if we were actually allowed in the water but in the end I figured I could play dumb American if need be.  We were there for 3 hours and towards the end another family came and started playing in the water so I figured we hadn't been breaking the rules at all. 
This is definitely going to be on the list of places to picnic a bunch.  You couldn't really smell the mountain of trash up the road and lets not even think about where the water might be coming from for the dam!
Look ahead and see the mountain of trash!

Ready to go on this adventure with mommy

Picnic time

The two orange dots couldn't wait to get in the water

Perfect size for this family.

Kelly eating escargot.
Didn't realize their were snails in the shells until Kelly crunched one out

Having fun

Explaining the power of water shoes

Trying to get in the pool area

Time to go!

3 hours of fun in the sun and water wore them out


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