Monday, May 27, 2013

10 years

Well its official - we have been married 10 years!  And for our 10 year anniversary Jon gave me and all inclusive gov't paid for trip to Okinawa for 3 years:)  We were going to go to a zip line forest adventure but alas rainy season is upon us and that was the day of nonstop downpours (a little unsafe for zip lining).  Instead we went out for some sushi and coffee.  If you had asked me how I would spend my day celebrating this would not have been in my mind at all but we are good at improvising and it was actually a lot of fun.  The sushi was great and after getting over being soaked the coffee talk was much needed.  It sure had been an interesting 10 years with ups and downs and living in places I never dreamed of and I am glad I got to do it all with Jon!
We have also had a first this week - our first Okinawa geocache!!  We found 3 today and some amazing parks to go along with them.  Jon said he now knows how the kamikaze pilots were trained - they grew up with these crazy playgrounds.  I am thankful for girls because we have to push them to be adventurous but I have a feeling if we had an energetic little boy we might have a broken bone or 10 while here
1o years - they gave us an extra mini cappuccino

with a happy face - I guess they could tell we were celebrating

matching pj given by different families in different states in different years
Molly loves matching!

Enjoying a park day

Only took a little convincing but I got the big 2 to walk out to the rock with me.
Low tide means you can go forever - just got to beat the tide in

Riley loves the fried rice

Might have encountered a small problem with the construction of the bunk

Let the girls drive the car to the park

Seriously gross but she loves to climb!

Crazy women drivers!! Jon trying to catch up.

Snack time - outside café style

Molly climbing down the rock wall park.
Jon went down the slide park (the big open middle section)
Found our first geocache in Okinawa here!!

She climbed to the top!!

With her legs down the whole it was a great babysitter
(just kidding - kinda)

Gotta love the signs on this island!!!!!

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